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Guillard and her Carbon Tax-moved to off topic as there is no motorcycling content.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by deadman, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. Here's one for you lot to argue and laugh about,

    Was Guillard put into the leadership just to get the Carbon Tax up and running,

    Now its in, She can be given the flick and they can all point the finger at her as it was her idea only,

    and they weren't part off it,

    We are still stuck with the Carbon Tax tho,

    How long before she gets the rug pulled out from under her, Hahahahahaha

  2. Rudd is supposedly planning to take back what was his. However most of the cabinet have said they'll resign if he gets back in.

    Just to add to the discussion.
  3. Re: Guillard and her Carbon Tax

  4. Re: Guillard and her Carbon Tax

    They're calling her to step down already, while at the same time seemingly keeping a foot on Ruddy's head.
    Next few months could be politically exciting...
  5. Re: Guillard and her Carbon Tax

    Hang on a minute....
    Remember "No Carbon Tax"!

    Julia doesn't know what she wants...
    She does whatever it takes to win...

    Even release video's about a team mate if they challenge captancy...

    That is all..
  6. Spot the oxy-moron
  7. Re: Guillard and her Carbon Tax

    Yep, with niteKreeper on this one...
    I'm stocking up on :popcorn: to watch the drama unfold...
  8. Re: Guillard and her Carbon Tax

    Interesting idea, but I'm not convinced. I suspect that if Rudd had gone through with the carbon trading scheme (even without getting it through parliament), they would had had an easy run to the election. Bob Brown sunk that.

    Me, I think the mining industry put together the Gillard coup as payback for the mining profits tax.

    Oakshot will cross the floor if there is another change, and the government will come down.
  9. Re: Guillard and her Carbon Tax

    I think if Rudd got in he wouldn't reverse the carbon tax.

    Hell, if the Liberal party got in they're going to have a really, really hard time reversing it as well.
  10. Re: Guillard and her Carbon Tax

    Not sure there's a lot in the media reporting. There was a big lull in political happenings over xmas and now there have been several supposed leaks of leadership challenges but with no quoted sources.

    Rudd may have intentions to eventually have a crack before the next election, but I think most of the current talk is born out of the Liberal Party. The media are all over it because there's very little else happening.

    The Carbon Tax was originally a Rudd policy (and his back down got him thrown out) and will happen no matter who is in power. It eventually got through because of the minority government and need to satisfy the Greens.

    Whether the reform stays or goes after the next election (can't see it being repealed), Julia Gillard will have a legacy in Australian history.
  11. Re: Guillard and her Carbon Tax

    Haha who you calling a moron?! :D
    Actually I thought I needed to qualify "exciting" with "politically"...
  12. Re: Guillard and her Carbon Tax

    Politically Exciting, Their all quitting, Yeeeeaaaahhhhhh,

    You do have to have a very good sense of humour if you want politics to be exciting, Hahahahahaha
  13. Re: Guillard and her Carbon Tax

    I thought that last time as well, then Gillard took the reins. I personally think they'd be mad to change to Rudd.

    I'm not real sure it's a legacy you'd be all that proud of.
  14. Re: Guillard and her Carbon Tax

    What happens with the leadership probably depends a whole lot on where the polls will be heading into the next election.

    Labor with Gillard plummeting downward on the graphs 6-12 months out? Put Kev back in, since the Carbon Tax was Gillard's, and righting what to many was such a wrong in the way he was ousted would sit well with a lot of voters, many of who would also likely be less keen to vote Green or Independent next time around and go back to a major party.

    It's like Australia couldn't decide which of the two major parties it wanted last election, so people you could count on the fingers of one hand decided for us, leaving us with committees running committees running committees running the country.
  15. Re: Guillard and her Carbon Tax

    Remember "Never ever any GST"?

    It would be a bit more interesting if they took their back stabbing more seriously, like the back in the days of the Roman Emperors
  16. Re: Guillard and her Carbon Tax

    Et tu, Julia?
  17. Re: Guillard and her Carbon Tax

    Hey jazzfan

    No need to remind me as I've been around long enough under both parties over the years and nothing's much different under either..
    They all do this crap and for older buggers like myself, it all becomes nothing more than more of the same..

    Come to think of it, if you look at it over decades there's a bit of a cycle that happens which is probably what have given aussies the lifestyle that many around the world envy..

    Libs in, they cut spending, cut public sector, blah blah blah, etc to put money in the kitty.
    Public get tired of this and decided it's time to give some back and share what the libs have put into that kitty..

    Labor voted in, and they start handing it out (family bonuses, education schemes, blah blah blah, etc) until it makes headlines that they're putting the country into debt and probably used more than they should have..
    Hey why not? Who doesn't like spending... haha

    Then public decides it's time to start saving again so they get kicked out and Libs get voted back in.

    And some voters throw in a little spice via a smaller party for a little interest.
    For years it was the democrats but these days it's the greens..

    And the cycle starts again..
    Don't take my word for it, look at the history and it's a ball park cycle..

  18. Re: Guillard and her Carbon Tax

    Ah, but I don't remember an election run on the carbon tax. At least Howard ran it as a key part of his platform. (Core promise! Hah!)

    The carbon tax is a direct contradiction to their stance before the election. I can't really put the two on the same level anyway. Although it's easy to do, as it manages to have a dig at Howard and excuse Gillard at the same time.
  19. No excuses for any of 'em QW. The majority on both sides are either dishonest, incompetent or both.
  20. Re: Guillard and her Carbon Tax

    You mean, besides being the only person ever to knife a sitting PM?