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VIC Guidelines - Placement of fixed speed cameras

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by PilgriM, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. Heyas,

    Looking for where the rules/guidelines are defined for the placement of fixed redlight/speed cameras in Victoria, yes I got done recently, by the annoying one on the corner of Exhibition/Rathdowne & Victoria street.

    I turned left from LaTrobe & thinking it was 60 accelerated to around 58 or so by the time I hit the intersection, so 3 points gone & $289, the link below shows the little 40k spur that is however, 60 ks in the other direction, how the supposed danger is any different in both directions is beyond me.


    I am looking for this info to satisfy my curiosity, as this camera is setup on a speed zone transition location, & I suspect this one will be a monster of a revenue raiser, I strongly suspect I will not find anything to say that's considered an issue, but considering writing a complaint to the camera commissioner (ha, likely to be wasting my breath anyway).

  2. I don't think there is a specific manual outlining fixed camera locations policy.

    But if you google up the "Mobile Road Safet Camera Policy and Operations manual", there might be a reference to legislation or regs that are use to declare a fixed location.
  3. Cheers Rob, having a look through it now..

    Appears it might be decided in a fairly "loose" manner.. Found this on the "Cameras Save Lives" website..

    The fixed camera network
    The ‘Fixed Camera Site Selection Committee’ assesses and recommends fixed camera locations across Victoria. The Committee is made up of representatives from Victoria Police, VicRoads and the Department of Justice.

    Before a location is considered for a fixed camera, the Committee takes into account:

    • the site’s crash history
    • perceived danger
    • whether the location is suitable for a camera to operate.
    Fixed cameras are only activated at a site once site acceptance testing has been done. This testing confirms the site is suitable for the operation of a fixed road safety camera system.
  4. The camera site might not have been re-reviewed after the speed limit changes... there might be the sniff of a technicality.
  5. I don't know anywhere else where they have a fixed speed camera set up 100m before a 20 km/h increase in the speed limit.

    It's filthy revenue raising, they must be doing a fantastic trade there.
  6. write to the camera commissioner. they employ him to deal with this and occasionally he does the right thing.
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  7. I agree he is a bit of an old dodderer but it is the person to approach.


    From their brief

    to receive complaints concerning any aspect of the road safety camera system and—
    • if appropriate, to refer a complaint to an appropriate person or body for further action; or
    • to provide information on the available avenues for resolution of a complaint;
  8. This made me smile on many levels and is sooooooooo accurate.
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