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Guide to Sepang Motogp

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by The duke, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. Just got back from Malaysia after visiting the Sepang Motogp. I thought I'd post a quick guide to assist anyone considering the trip.


    Stay in KL. There is accomodation in Sepang but it's hard to get into. The hotels are very nice in KL.


    Get a taxi. It will probably cost you 80 MYR each way. Check the conversion rate then compare the cost of a taxi in Aust to travel the same distance. It takes about 45 minutes. Don't bother with the train / taxi combo, it will cost you more (trust me on this). You'll have to negotiate the taxi rate so aim for 80 or 90 MYR. You can book the driver to pick you up each day from your motel.


    Don't bother booking Motogp tickets over the internet (I ended up with several 'mistake' tickets before the right ones were posted to me). It's both easier and cheaper to buy them at the circuit.

    Oh and Friday was free.


    Suncream, umbrella. This year it was hot and very humid. There were a few heavily downpours so an umbrella or like maybe required. A word of warning; don't bring drinking water on race day, they take it off you as you enter the stands. Friday and Saturday weren't policed that way and they allowed water bottles.


    We sat at the K1 grandstand and I thought it was pretty good. No big screen though so it was hard to follow lap times / qualifying / lead changes etc.

    Main Grandstand was pretty good also. Most of the stalls / mechandice etc are inside the gates of the main grandstand. This means you can't see most of the displays or buy alot of suporter clothing without a grandstand ticket. Friday if a free day and you can walk into the main grandstand area without a ticket. Most of the vendors are only just starting to set up on Friday so don't expect much.

    Consider buying a Main Grandstand ticket and a K1 ticket (they're pretty cheap) if you want decent views / access.


    Whilst we had a great time don't expect Australian Motogp type displays and entertainment. Very little on track except for the racing, no major rider merchandice, limited displays. Most of the major manufacturers are there but have limited displays (think mostly scooters..). Only one large screen.

    All that said we had a great time!
  2. What did they have in the way of support races?
  3. Some local stuff. I didn't stay around and watch it.
  4. What type of classes?
  5. National Superbikes and Supersports

  6. What sort of entry numbers did they have, and how did they fill in the rest of the program?
  7. gx21erAS.



    Pics from the K1 Grandstand