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Guide book to the toughest twisties in Australia!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pro-pilot, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. Has anybody seen a book / site etc. That does reviews of the best motorcycle roads in Aus?
    Have seen some touring atlases, but not say a guide book for bikes, that compares to say runs for skiing etc.

    Would like to have pictures, maps / routes. Good stopping places and bike friendly shops. As well as recovery and servcing contact numbers.

    Feel this would be a good project if one doesn't exist, where they can also be scored for diffculty and also travelling to and from there.

    Would be good for tourism and local bike hire places if people do a few weekends away a year around Aus. to try them out!

    Any info on this or ideas?

  2. Would be good if we could get someone who has it to give a review.
  3. Bitchin Bitumen is the best book of it's kind i have seen. (and bought)
    If you're looking for roads to scratch up and down the East Coast of Australia, this is the book you have to buy.
    They rate the rides using their own criteria which they explain at the beginning.
    The maps are A4 sized and they recommend you photocopy them if you're using them for the first time.
    Each map has a panel with ride notes on it that can be copied seperately and attached to the triple clamp.
    Each map also has some corresponding ride footage that can be downloaded from their website.
    It will be the best $44 you spent on your bike. And when your mates see it, they'll either want to borrow it, or buy it.
    It's the ducks guts, and will become over time the twistie specialists bible.

  4. Sounds like a great project to make some serious dollars .
  5. How much did you pay for yours, chef?
    I've got mine on hold til next pay.....had a good look through it and am so excited about it , it looks fantastic.
  6. And there we have it, thanks Chef.

    Does the book just cover the main riding roads though? Or is it pretty comprehensive?

  7. Now i know ya got it you can lend it to me :cool:

    (when i get my sportsbike that is) :rofl:
  8. The book $44.
    The majority of the roads are the well known ones.
    Before the authors did this book, they did two dirtbike books. They plan to do more sportbikes books covering a different batch of roads.
    In Vic all the usual suspects are covered; Spurs, Chum loop, GOR, etc. So yeah, having some local knowledge or knowing some locals will get you to the other hot spots.
    But for the folk who are looking to go further than their local roads and are looking for a good directory on how to get there and what to look out for, the books got you covered.
    Plus throw in a bunch of pics of guys sparking up the tarmac, a couple of prangs, and it's got plenty of eye candy too.
    It doesn't matter what time of the day, or what the weathers like, everytime i pick up the book i wanna go for a ride.
    Bloody book, I've had to hide it.

  9. I saw the bitchin bitumen book the other day and I actually didn't like it at all. I think the motorcycle atlas is much better, I have one of these and was curious to see how they compared.
    Bitchin is full of adds, it's too large for a tank bag pocket and i wasn't impressed with the layout at all.
    I certainly wouldn't spend my money on it, and wouldn't recommend anyone else do it.
    Just my 2c
  10. The motorcycling Atlas was written by an old fart for old farts who go touring, BB is for weekend warriors, written by the same.
    Yep, there are plenty of ads. But it's a big glossy book, perfect to sit on the coffee table and inspire the next ride. I'm biased, I luv it.
    Both books are good, depending entirely on what you want to get out of them.

    Hellbeast, I'll draw your attention to this ....................................................^
    :p :LOL:

  11. Wait, wait, wait. You pay $44 for a book...and you get ads in it? How awesome :roll:.
  12. That biatch'n Bitumen sounds pretty good, might have to do that if I do my trip later this year.
  13. Just ordered the biatch'n book, $44 is nothing these days, i spend more than that on grog each week.
  14. 'sif they'd know bitumen.....
  15. I have the Top 100 rides atlas and have ridden many of the roads listed in it in QLD and NSW. The maps by Hema are quite good and there are some excellent roads inside it for spirited riding as well as other road/riding styles as well. Worth taking a look at IMO, try a Dymocks bookshop as they seem to stock the Hema range.

    I have listed and reviewed 35 'good motorcycle roads' in south east QLD northern NSW on my blog (and slowly adding roads from further away as time allows) I am not a professional at this by a long shot however you will find photos and maps and corner and road surface ratings with explanations and other info in the archive of the blog - perhaps this may be of some assistance should you be riding up this way.

    Address in my signature.
  16. :LOL:
    Hehe, yeah but they know their bitches. :rofl:

    well someone had to say it.

  17. Sounds like a good opportunity for a website.... :)