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Guidance required + introduction

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Ol, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. hey guys.....how u all doin? thought i may as well join up now that im goin to get my bike licence soon, bin around the site for a couple of years n enjoyed readin everyones opinions on this n that n had a few good laughs but decided that not everyone would appreciate a 15 year olds comments so waited till now. so im goin for my l's on the 5th of May at tullamarine. - a fair drive from box hill haven't booked in yet cos i got my wisdom teeth out yesterday so can't speak very well lol anywho i've got a bike lined up...my brothers across ( i sorta convinced him how good bikes were at the beginning of last year and made him get one :twisted: ) and i can wear a bit of his gear ie. summer mesh jacket and winter jacket (motodry duo) and gloves and boots (waterproof gaerne ones) but im on the lookout for a helmet, leather jacket and draggins...spent most of the day reading posts about gear but just thought i'd ask people what they'd recommend i buy cos im gonna head over to ringwood on saturday to scope out sizing n watnot. budgets about $1500 atm but could stretch to $2000 for some extra nice stuff sorry for the kinda long winded post but it's much easier typing atm than talking is :) cheers all

  2. Welcome. You'll get excellent gear for that money.
  3. Welcome indeed, now the anonymous gnomes have restored this thread to the normal forum :p.
  4. welcome to the forums....

    can't help with the recommendations, but i'm sure others here will be able to help u.