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Guess who's off their restrictions...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MV, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. That's right, your truly!

    As of midnight last night I am fully licensed rider. Now I can ride whatever the hell I want, carry whoever the hell I want & even enjoy a nice refreshing beer over lunch when I go for a ride.

    It's the little things :wink:

    Anyone got a litre bike for me to try out? :p

  2. Would you like the additional body bag for a minimal fee?
  3. Huh? What are you?
    A frigging journalist?
  4. Really?

    I think we have to wait a year in NSW after getting an unrestricted licence. Or is that some sort of urban myth?

    like eskimos
  5. You have to wait a year after being issued a motorcycle license.

    Learners permit is a permit (doesn't count towards the 12 months)
    Provisional license is a license,
    Full license is a license.

    So, if you go straight to a full license through the '>30 years old w/ 5+ years of driving experience' scheme, you can't carry a pillion for 12 months.

    But if you hold a provisional motorcycle license for 12 months, you'll be able to carry a pillion by the time your license becomes 'full'.
  6. Oh I see! Thanks for clearing that up Spots!
  7. Got an upgrade in mind or ya cant at the moment?
  8. Congrats!
  9. Y'all missed this bit :arrow: __________________ /\

    I guess you're never bored when you're paranoid :wink:

    TRX850, TL1000S, Aprilia Falco, VTR1000... Or any other bike that comes up pretty cheap mid year when I've got some cash :grin:
  10. So whats the difference between "L"s and "P"s in Victoria? From my understanding "P"s just means your closer to getting your full license. Any other differences?
  11. No differences. :grin:
  12. That said, once you're off of the learners' permit and onto a provisional or restricted license, the 12 month countdown to your fully-unrestricted license begins. :)
  13. Was just reading the VicRoads website, and I can't find any info on the actual length of the probationary period. Is it the same as Restrictions? This is taking into account I do not hold a car license.
  14. In Vic,

    L's 1yr min (car) 3 month min (bike).
    P1 (red P plate) 1 year, any infringements and that time goes up. I think a passenger limit, zero BAC, no mobile use including with hands free etc.
    P2 (green P plate) 3 years, zero BAC, no passenger limit, can use hands free with mobile, can finally tow trailers.

    Once you pass your license test for the bike you display whatever plate you're up to on the car (except L's obviously) and your 12 month restriction counts down from there.

    I'm pretty sure you can get off your bike restrictions and still be on your P's but that would need to be clarified.
  15. L - Learners
    P - Pro
    F - Fully Hectik!

  16. Congrats lucky B, I'm jealous!!! :cry: :grin:
    ... I've still got 50 or so weeks yet, not that I'm counting or anything :wink: :roll:

    ... now all YOU gotta do is control the right wrist on yer litre and not lose ya licence! :LOL:
  17. 50 weeks! :LOL: Classic, like the other guy was planning his upgrade in ~14 months!

    Yeah, as soon as I get one, mid year ahoy.
  18. i see your edging towards the twins, i have a vtr1000f and i never get sick of her sound..

    if i had more money then sense i would definitely be looking at a TLR1000 stunning bike, and a great sounding parallel twin :D