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Guess who's in Melbourne???

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Jul 4, 2016.

  1. err, yes, myself and Mrs Hornet are spending week one of the NSW school holidays in Melbourne.

    We're staying at the delightful Australian Homestay property at Brushy Creek (up in the bush behind Chirnside Park). We've got no real plans but we are heading back on Friday morning so there's no chance of getting to Southbank on Friday night. What I would like to do is to see as many Netriders as possible, so I'm open to suggestions.....
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  2. I'll do my best to catch up mate, just not sure when between everything that's happening.

    Do you have any plans whilst you're there. Want to know the best coffee shops etc?
  3. No real plans, Hazel wants to shop, a bit, having dinner with some friends in Croydon on Wednesday night, and burgers at Rocco's (corner of Exeter Road) but that's all.
  4. Not in Melbourne at the moment but please share this info anyway jonnymacjonnymac !

    Info on coffee, dimmys and Souvlaki please! LOL
  5. Welcome to sunny Melbourne.. :D

    Shopping.. Check out the new Eastland (Ringwood) Shopping centre.. Or if you feel like a drive., DFO (Direct Factory Outlets) at Cheltenham/Moorabbin.

    Eastland's new food precinct has some nice Dining spots as well Inc. The Public Brewery on the top floor has some good beers.

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  6. I was specifically talking about the area hornet is in but let me know which area and no doubt I can help :)
  7. Let's not forget a visit to The Daily Planet lol
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  8. thats for mrs Hornet right?
    hey Paully
    lets see if we can meat up thursday night
  9. That's great idea! We were planning on dinner at Rocco's on the corner of Exeter Road and the Maroondah Highway, but where is that reference where you are??
    We could go almost anywhere....
  10. What's the Daily Planet??? (Apart from being Clark Kent's newspaper??)
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  11. Ahem..I'll let itchinitchin explain that. The Daily Planet has no connection to Clark Kent or Superman, whatsoever.

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  12. ok Angie and i are in
  13. 6:30??? Any or everyone else welcome too, of course!!!
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  14. hornethornet make sure you have the sweet potato fries from Roccos and I'm quite partial too their signature burger.

    Eastland is the go for shopping , it's quite magnificent particularly the flowers. Jimmy Grants lamb is tip top in the square.

    Lunch at Hutch and Co in lilydale. Coffees tip top and I love their quinoa salad. The pomegranates pop perfectly.
    I rate their chicken with corn flake bread crumb too.

    Breaky at the general is good. I particularly like "yellow and white"
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  15. How can I 'like' your posts twice??? :LOL:
  16. Hmm Thursday night "may" work for me too.
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  17. Mate from where you are, a quick jink up through the Yarra valley to Healesville, and up Chum Creek Road to Toolangi then back via Myers Creek Road, and then over Black Spur to Marysville will find you a great coffee.

    Then you have to return via Reefton.... :happy:(y)
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  18. I don't know about that, I bet theres been plenty of up up and aways:whistle::whistle:
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  19. I'd love to but I'm with Mrs Hornet and I'm in the car......