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Guess who's back on 2 wheels !

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by VTRBob, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. Well I guess it had to happen, I just could not go past this one.

    Oh Magoo you've done it again :angel:

    Flying to Sydney to pick up this baby on Sat !

    1st on the list ? Those rims are just begging for a polish and those calipers painted.
    Let the Bling begin again. mwahahahahahahahaha

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  2. Noice!

    (Better change your sig)
  3. Bloody nice bike mate! I love the firestorms.
  4. Is there a trend here :cheeky: ? For those that came in late here is 'Nicole 1'
    Regrettably sold 18 months ago.

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  5. Nice bike! Welcome back to the wide open roads
  6. And the gorgeous roads of the mid-north coast to explore (just don't stray too far from the petrol stations) :)
  7. wow, same pipes and everything =D>
  8. A younger model, very nice :)
  9. Welcome back Bob!

  10. Nice work mate!
  11. Welcome back Bob, congrats on the new bike...I'll have to have a gander at Supers!