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Guess who droped his bike today

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by iwantabiggerbike, Mar 8, 2005.

  1. Guess who droped his bike today.

    Harley rider had to help get the bike up right. There are some nice harley riders out there. :D

    Jacque, clean him
  3. You didn't drop Elvis now, did you ??? Shame on you!

    Is the bike (and more importantly, yourself) OK ?
  4. details ?
  5. it was someone from netrider. forgot to take disc lock off. no damage to bike only the riders ego
  6. Well it wasn't me, disk locks are a conspiracy between disk rotor manufacturers and Satan. Hate the bloody things!

    So who's owning up to the most embarassing way to drop a bike in the whole wide world? :p :LOL:
  7. Oh, so it wasn't you dropping your bike, it was you helping a fallen Netrider to pick up theirs...

  8. Glad to hear there was no damage Craig.

    How hard was it to lift???? :shock:
  9. I find the best approach is - don't pick the bike up. Swagger nonchalantly around the bike. Announce loudly "Stand back - just draining the carby - no smoking, please".

    A Kryptonite would have avoided the problem. I believe that they unlock automatically. Unfortunately the factory claims to have disabled this important safety feature on the replacement model.
  10. helarious
  11. Come to complete stop at lights, put left foot on ground.. :eek: ..PUT LEFT FOOT ON GROUND.... :shock:

    AAAAARGH cant move foot, what about right foot?... AAAAAGH too late. :oops:

    Fark, that's embarrasing, DR's hem caught over the top of the peg bracket, tried moving leg straight out and couldn't... very graceful slow list to port, leg came loose just in time to hop up and over the bike.

    slap friend in back for laughing, hurt hand on his back armour. pick up bike, thankful for dark glasses and helmets that hide the face.

    That embarrasing enough for you?

  12. Not bad, but riding off with a disc-lock is worse.....believe me I know..... :oops:
  13. Ohhhh come on, somebody own up.

    I want to know who dropped their bike cause of a disk lock.

    Ohh well at least I know Im not the only idiot thats done it :oops: :oops:
  14. Ahhh....time to reminisce...1984, Green Point car park (near Elwood) with my new girlfriend. Neither of us could afford a car, so we went parking on my 750/4. The car park was crowded with steamed-up Sandman vans (yes children, Sandman was a car before it was a comedian).

    Nonchalantly cruised to a stop. Keen girlfriend leaped off carrying picnic rug. She jumped off before I had my feet on the ground and the bike lowered itself onto my leg, trapping me. All the car headlights came on, horns blared. It was like being trapped in anti-aircraft lights. Embarassed, I lay very still. Even more embarrased, she spread the picnic blanket over me and the bike and walked off with the wine.
  15. My kwaka has audio safety feature on the fenders. When I forgot to unlock my disclock I could hear the "craaackk" then I know when to stop.
  16. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  17. After reading these - when I get home, I'm going to locate my disc lock, which is somewhere in the junk pile I call my dining room, and dispose of it.

    I've NEARLY tried to ride off with the lock on, but I only got as far as starting the bike, then realised that the lock was there.
  18. Sounds a bit drastic. I've got one of those fluoro cords that attaches to the disc lock at one end and slips over a handgrip at the other.

    Only a few bucks, it's pretty near impossible not to attach it, and you won't ride off without removing it.
  19. Similarly, I velcro the case around the accelerator... only once have I gotten on and thought "WTF is this doing here? Ahh..."
  20. I have one of those spaghetti-like things. It doesn't help, incidentally!!!