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Guess what!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by snakegal, May 15, 2008.

  1. Gues whos back, back again...snakegal is back with a new metal friend.

    I just couldn't contain my excitement and have to blurt it out that I'm now a VTR1000 owner! I only started looking a bloody week ago and was meant to wait till tax time, but my dear Mum has loaned me and a week seeing what is out there, I have one!

    Picking up my new bike from Bathurst in 3 weeks. :grin:

    It's been almost a year and a half without a bike after selling my little white Across. I hope to come out on some rides when I am used to the feel of my new (high powered) bike.

  2. welcome back....great choice too.....vtwin :wink:

    but as usual :worthlesspics:

    cheers stewy :p
  3. Well done.
    Bathurst to Melb will see you stop 351,278 times for fuel :LOL:
  4. Yeah, Yeah I know. :) Will post pics tonight.

    I'm not riding back from Bathurst...bad idea seeing tis been almost 1.5 years since I been on a bike and I have only ridden a 250. Not smart me thinks. Getting loan of a bike trailer and car but will be going through bout $300 worth of petrol in the car I think.
  5. would it not be cheaper to get it transported down? if you not planning on riding it :?
  6. Big congrats, ma'am. Go easy when you first start, particularly in terms of accelerating out of corners, but you'll be fine and you'll love the Firestorm.
  7. use a transport company and avoid the hassels of excess $$$$ They should have it shipepd to your door for roughly the same money.
  8. Already looked into a few options, and it's cheaper for me to collect. One quote was $665 (Bathurst is almost double Syd rate). Even if the dealer has someone ride it down for me and me pay to fly the dude up it's more expensive as I would have to pay connecting flight to Bathurst. I'm not going to get it down for under $300.

    Unless anyone can suggest anything else? If it was in a crate then I could use a normal courier.
  9. What did M.T.L. quote?
  10. Congrats! 3 weeks hey...

    longest wait ever :(

    but I suppose 1.5 years was pretty long too.

    I'll dink you up to bathurst and you can ride the 250 back while I ride your storm... (you pay for petrol on the storm though) :p
  11. congrats mate. the ole storm will be nivarna compared to the across. hope ya aint going to miss the storage space but :LOL:

    i'd consider riding it down to melbourne far ya :wink:
  12. MTL were like $690!

    Paul has done a pretty decent price if I can get bike from Bathurst to Penrith, but still works out cheaper (marginally) to collect. If I can somehow get it from Bathurst to Penrith or Syd for free then it's an option.
  13. Congrats snakegal ... on both getting a new bike after all this time and on getting a VTR. Not for everybody, I know, but out of the 3 bikes I've had so far, this is the only one I'm not whingeing about and intend to keep for quite some time ... touch wood :grin:

    Don't know where you live, but if you want a better exhaust note without spending a small fortune on aftermarket slip-ons, theres a place in Qld, Springwood ... Motorcycle Exhaust Professionals ... gave me exactly what I was after - better note, a bit louder yet not heart-attack inducing for bystanders ;)
    They replace the existing baffles with custom ones ... specific to each bike. Apparently they experiment until they find the right mod for each bike covered.
  14. Thanks, yeah I will need a new exhaust. It's stock standard atm (but has ventura rack).

    I will have a look at the website but I think I'll have to practice patience for a bit with the mods.

    It's funny, all the VTRs in QLD I looked at were cheaper than anywhere else....strange.
  15. +1

    And congrats, you will soon need shares in Exxon
  16. [​IMG]



  17. Hey Mel,

    I saw your old bike parked on High street.
  18. Love the Red Mel, she's a friggen gorgeous little thing. Welcome back to riding. :)
  19. Thank Seany. :) I think so too.

    That's weird Vic, maybe the old owners sold it cos they were from Shepparton or somewhere nearby. There has to be 1 or 2 other white Across's around though? Surely it wasn't that rare