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Guess what?

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by aco, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. Yet another "hello" thread :p

    I'm Alex, a 17 year old year 12 student living in Sydneys Inner West.

    I have never ridden a bike in my life, but after a friend recently got his license, I suddenly have an urge to start riding myself

    I have my pre-learner course booked for next Monday and Tuesday and will hopefully get my license soon afterwards so I can hit the road! (That is, after I buy a bike ofcourse ](*,) )

    Well, as I said, I'm a complete noob when it comes to bikes so I'll be buried in the newbie forum :p

  2. welcome
    with a sensible approach to two wheels, you will ensure many years of riding joy.
  3. Welcome Aco, best of luck on your test.
    Make sure you stay shiny side up, and you'll be fine.

    Enjoy the freedom of a bike.
  4. haha thanks guys, hopefully my experience wont be too painful :p, though I don't have that much road experience in general (Still on Car L's) so I guess it will be an even steeper learning curve for me... but what can you do.
  5. Hi there good luck with getting your L's you will be fine if I can do it anyone can lol nah seriously you will have a fantastic time.
  6. Aco have fun and stay safe. Some of us a newbies at 40, jeez I wish I had started earlier. :?
  7. Welcome Aco
  8. welcome from me too
  9. Hi, just take the riding thing one step at a time and you'll be fine :)
  10. Welcome

    You'll be fine. 3months ago when I started riding I didnt even hav any road experience not even L's. I just jumped striaght into riding and got on the road in 30min after I got my bike. Just be careful and sensible and you should be fine...
  11. Welcome to the world of bikes my friend.. Enjoy it you will.. :grin:
  12. Hey guys, thanks for the welcomes :)

    Just an update,

    I finished the pre learner course today successfully despite the rain pouring down the whole time :(

    It was a breeze and no one should be worried bout it ;)

    All thats left is the theory test and a bike and I'm set :D

  13. Welcome aboard.
  14. Well done Aco, stay safe when you get your wheels :)
  15. ...chicken butt? :p :LOL:

    Welcome to the forums!
  16. welcome aco. be safe, have fun. cheers, c x
  17. here here!!
  18. Thanks again for all the welcomes :grin:

    Just another update,

    I just got back from the RTA and I am now an official Motorcycle L-Plater!!!!! :grin: :cool:

    Feels awesome even thought I haven't been on a bike since my pre learners :(

    Well time to find a bike now!

    One very stupid question.

    Do dealers allow test rides on used bikes and if so do they allow L-platers to test ride bikes? Whats the general procedure when test riding bikes, not having a car, I wouldn't have a clue :oops:

    Cheers :grin:
  19. Well firstly, Welcome :grin:
    Congratulations of getting your Ls :dance:
    and yes, there are definitely places out there that will let L-platers test ride - not all, but definitely some. However, in my experience they didn't have an L plate to put on the bike, so take your own.