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Guess What!?!?!?!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by N1GH7-R1D3R, Jan 28, 2006.

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  3. Cheers Mate!
  4. How long u were on L's for?
  5. had them for 5.5months, owned a bike for about 4 months of that!
  6. Congrats.... :grin: I thought you guys could go 100 on your P's?
  7. Congrats, well done.
  8. Congrats dude!

    Unanderra, hehe that's where i'll be going for my pre-learners etc...

    How's the course? Instructors/testers nice enough? ;)
  9. I did my Pre-learners and P's there as well, the instructors are awesome.
  10. Well done....congratulations..

  11. Congrats, Josh: from my personal observation :roll: of you and your riding, you are a damn fine rider already. Well done.
  12. congrats Josh, how does that work now, can you upgrade the baby "Z"?
  13. what happens now ? how long do you have to ride with P ? can you upgrade ? how fast can you legally go ?
  14. Congrats N1GH7-R1D3R, must be so good to get rid of the L from the bike, I still have to have one on mine :( but gimme 2 and half months :LOL:
  15. He got rid of his NSW L Plate on the ride to Melbourne. Between Lake's Entrance and the city it got absolutely soaked (cardboard) and fell off :LOL: :LOL:
  16. Congrats, you going to use that photo Eswen has of you for your new licence :LOL:.
  17. No we can't. We can do 100 on our GREEN P's but that is only in the car. We have a two stage provisional licence system in NSW. After your L's you are on your RED P's(4 demerit points; 90km/h; 0.00BAC) for 12months. After that we move onto our GREEN P's and have them for 24months (7 demerit points; 100km/h; 0.00BAC). After that we move onto our full licence.

    On the bike however we only have to do our Red P's for twelve months and then we can move onto our full unrestricted licence.

    The Instructors at Unanderra are SUPERB. For both my pre-learners and pre-provisional, in which i had different instructors, they were awesome. They are all very friendly, highly skilled, very smart and have a very good teaching method. The only negative i have against it is i think that the pre-learners course is MUCH MUCH too easy. Especially considering alot of the people have never ridden before. Apart from that the whole process is well though out, with constant emphasis on the important aspects, not just riding ability but also the way in which you should 'read' situations, road position for maximum safety and application of alittle common sense and self preservation.

    You'll have a ball.

    Unfortunately no. I now have to wait twelve months for my restrictions to end. Then it's Z750 time baby YEAH! that is provided i like the feel of the bike and way it rides, lol.

    12months on the P's, i can then upgrade once i am off the P's, and i can legally do 90 (hence the big 90 printed on the P plate).

    Thanks for your kind words Paul. I still have much learning to do but lately it has been increasing exponentially....and thanks for reminding me about stint from lakes entrance to the city, i'm still having nightmares, lol. No but in all seriousness that was a pretty crazy ride. It was the first real heavy rain i had ridden in, and then the wind, and then the crazy leaders riding faster and faster :LOL: Gee it was a fun run into the city. It sure as hell livened up the ride :grin:

    Now i have the tediously long wait, counting day by day, until i can upgrade my tough and trust worthy little ZZR!
  18. Congrats mate..!
  19. Hey,

    Whats the number 90 on the plates signify?
    That your speed limit?

    Neva seen that B4..
  20. Dont answer.. just read your other post :grin:

    U guys have so many bloody restrictions.. different types of
    P's, different L's..

    Too much for me :LOL:

    Hope Victoria dosent head along the same path