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Guess what Scottatron finally has?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Scottatron, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. Well, it has finally arrived, after much mucking around/organising funds the 2005 GPX250 is due to arrive here in about 20 minutes - and what a lovely day to get the bike.

    AND, I am home by myself so I can go for a nice ride around the streets :)


  2. New bike!! Woohoo! Congrat's Scottatron!!! Is this your first?
  3. Yup, after a year or so of thinking about joining the world of bikes, I bought the bike (Put a deposit down) about 3 months ago, then have been paying it off slowly etc.
  4. Well good for you! Have you done your Ls yet?
  5. Yep, got my L's back before I went bike hunting, I figured I would wanna be able to take a few for a quick ride when deciding.
  6. Congrats Mate, what a beautiful day to get it and take it out. :woot: :dance:

    Have fun :grin: and think of us poor saps stuck in our offices :(
  7. Well done mate NOW the FUN starts!!!!
  8. congrats.... it's a great feeling isn't it ;)
  9. Congrats! Ain't it wonderful having a new bike? :grin:
  10. Congrats Scottatron! Enjoy the hell out of it mate. :grin:
  11. Congrats Scottatron!! October must be bike buying month...
    hmm... I should be off restrictions next October.

    I reckon Scotty's still out on the bike... lucky dawg.
  12. well done dood, enjoy breaking her in :)
  13. Nice no replies from Scotty since before lunch . Enjoying it I hope
    Had a gpx myself . Great bikes. Forgiving when they need to be but still plenty of poke once ya comfy.
  14. Ahhh that was lovely, have ridden around the streets near home for ages, great times.

    The bike was not quite brand new, it had about 3800km on the clock when I bought it.

    I must admit, going out in the traffic etc (Even though it was fairly light) wasn't as scary as I thought it would be, reminded me of the old "Ride the pushie to high school" days.

    Now that I finally have it, I can attend a coffee night and not feel out of place :)

    Oh, does anyone have any good suggestions for attaching the L plate to the back? A cable tie seems like the only option at the moment.
  15. congrats on the new bike mate, hope you have many days of enjoyment on it!
  16. Thanks all, feels great to finally have it after nearly 3 months of waiting :)
  17. Good on ya mate. Enjoy every bit of it.
    Attaching the L plate, u could just jam it under the numberplate.
  18. Another Kwaka..coool. Take care.
  19. Well done and enjoy your new toy.
  20. I cable tied the L Plate into one of the empty screw holes on the plate....so not quite centred but all good.