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guess what i got!!!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by flexorcist, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. yeah bitches....... today i got my licence back. kinda spewing the other girl reminded the lady doing my licence to put the restrictions on :(
    what a waste of money the drink driving course is. interlock is supposed to me mandatory for offences after OCT last year. The magistrate told me, "I'm a magistrate, nothing's mandatory! Do it again you will get an interlock. Most people I see in here for this come back again, don't do it".

    What a waste of money the drink driving course was. I only needed the cert. to give to VicRoads. I was prepared for a grilling from the magistrate, he said "How old are you 22?", "Yes", "Looks like you binge drink instead of drinking every day now", "Yes, on Monday night and the weekends." "Oh well, no worse than anyone else your age at a footy club, try not to drink as much as you do at one time, sit down, grab your paperwork, you've got your licence mate, I hope I don't see you again."

    I'm buying my HQ (HZ bootlid, prem front, stato interior, with a 308 and weld prostars, and I just bought myself HAYCHQ as licence plates).

    Another bike will be next mein fruends!!

    Can't f'n wait. I'd only commited to the car thinking I was going to need an interlock.

    But I don't.

    *insert much happy swearing here"

    Ride with y'all real soon!!!
  2. woohoo. woohoo.

    Ride on brother!!

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  3. and i made that affirmation.
    none of that bible touching business for me!

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  4. thats pretty bogan dude !

    . . . . kidding !
  5. i just got a bogan ute!
    a cross8 with a 5.7L V8 innit :grin:
    beats the hilux!!

    "save a horse, ride a cowboy" :rofl:

  6. you weren't kidding. i took it as a compliment. (LTD taillights in case you wonder what's the go). she's f'n loud too.

  7. Aussie cape, VB in hand, and that beast in the background.

    v nice. :cool:
  8. also smoke in the mouth
  9. That's as bogan as it gets, unless you are going to hang dice from the mirror too :oops:

    So, have you learnt from your mistake?
  10. dice are for wogs, tissues for ladies, stuffed toys for asians, empty tinny's for me.

    i learnt this from my mistake.... always make sure you don't get your vehicle written off in the process otherwise it wouldn't make a f'n difference. 2nd time your caught driving with no licence it's 1 month jail time automatically. nearly guaranteed to be suspended.

    i just dont want an interlock, it's a deterrent. i didn't learn anything. i knew what i was doing was wrong. i didn't care. my decision process sober wouldn't change anything.

    i know you'll disagree with me. that's fine. i don't intend to do it again. tbh i will struggle with 0 for 3 years, but i'll try. i won't intentionally repeat the mistake.

    *edit* i thought my HAYCHQ licence plates were a great idea. noone else does. i spose someone would have em if they were that ingenious. my ego is deflated.
  11. I'II take that as a 'NO' then.

    Good luck, but don't worry, jail's not like on TV.
  12. Good on ya for the half-hearted attempt (your still probly pissed and punishment like this doesn't solve the problem, it only prolongs it).
    friend has 20 days left, but unlike you... he won't even try to make an effort to change when he gets it back (thats a lie, he'll probably be more vigilant, and buy a scanner :LOL:)

    enjoy the hooning, there's no denying it :p

    as for the bogan in you:

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. i know. i'll get to see the penis as opposed to a convenient camera angle avoiding said raping object.
  14. I was told the same in Court; & thats why I'm not tempted to ride/drive
    until I get a license.

    F*ck doing time again. :roll:
  15. Wise words mg. Why get raped for driving a car.
  16. Bud thats a pretty cool car.Statesman boot by the looks of it.What front have you got on it?I would say it would be a statesman of some description.
    The LTD light in the rear bar is a classic ,I havent seen that for years.
    Actually I haven't seen a car like that for years.It 's like it is straight out of the eighties.
    I had a HQ myself 350chev,WB statesman front,turbo400,salsbury10 bolt disc rear end,etc and I absolutely loved it.
  17. everyone look at rocketeer's pic, the second one down;

    now, peal your eyes to the very left

    now, check out the guy in the black t-shirt


    stump it up! :cool:
  18. yeah, I take it back !

    LTD lights on a HQ !
    Damn, thats serious bogan-riceboy activity right there !!!! :LOL:
    Its the bogan version of putting a WRX bonnet scoop on a Ford Festiva !

    Put Frangipani(sp?) stickers on it !
    Pick-up feral chics by showing your sensitive side !
  19. That car takes me back to my early days, it was the dream car of every young man in the burbs, oh unless you wanted a panel van! Nice car, classic not plastic. :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:
  20. had a stato front til it crashed :)
    thats a prem front, getting a stato grill soon. looks like it has a stato boot but its off a hz, just a bit squarer, gives it that look. that will get a 350 eventually, still doesn't have a 9" diff :(

    it's a blue 308 out of a vh, but adapter plate so it has a turbo 400 not a trimatic (i hate trimatics). i'll have to change the motor coz i'm too scared i'll snap the plate or f the flywheel if i drag it. the brakes are shithouse. off to hoppers stoppers for me. took the hi torque starter out and changed it for a wreckers special ($50!!! they were 400 at repco), and after that i think its just a solenoid. after it's rw (i have it now just haven't paid for it) the b&m shifter goes in.

    thought i only needed front tyres but i need 1 rear too. thats gonna sting.

    *edit* until i get a bike, i'll rock this puppy up to a coffee night and meet a few of you. don't tease me if it sounds untuned... did the timing today but i'm not good iwth holley's so i can't tune it myself.