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Guess what? i can use caps lock :D (first bike!)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ryan_a, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. Aieee!

    Today I finalised my financing, and walked into the dealership with a cheque... to pick up my 2008 250 Ninja!!!

    I was deliberating whether or not to ride it home, so I geared up and took it for a spin around the city. After about 15 minutes I thought "yeah, I can ride this home".

    So I went and parked it, went back to work for a couple of hours and then rode it home to Doncaster via Victoria Pde and High St, (at about 2:30pm, so it wasn't peak hour).

    That 5 pronged intersection in Kew was interesting – turning (slightly) right and having to keep the bike inside the tram tracks :) I managed, though.

    I nearly died in the heat in the leathers, I reckon I sweated about 10 litres sitting at frig red lights. Gear is outside drying out...

    Oh, and I've already nearly dropped it. I put down the stand and it kicked back up, I went to sit it down and very, very nearly dropped the damn thing in the drive way :shock:

    So, I've done about 55km today (mostly this afternoon), taken it briefly on the freeway and generally having a blast.

    I'll post photos soon once I get my hands on a camera! Damn, bikes are awesome!
  2. Excellent Stuff, and welcome to new rider. How does it ride, looks to be pretty good. You'll have to tell us how you get on with the ergonomics. Haha, beware high tension springs on new bikes where kickstands are concerned, cant imagine those nice fairings would be a cheap repair job. Hope you have a blast for many Ks to come and remember to stay rubber side down!
  3. Congratz mate! Got any pics yet?
  4. congrats on the new wheels! :grin:

    and good on you for wearing leathers in this heat, not many do :cool:
  5. man im jealous, how much did you get it for?
  6. Congrats, good luck with it.
  7. Have you ridden any other 250 bikes before? I'm keen to hear someone rate the bike against the GPX250.
  8. thats awesome, theyre a good looking bit of kit... welcome to motorcycling! you and your new machine will slowly become one, and you will discover the hidden joys of motorcycling... enjoy it, listen to the right advice, take it slowly and be safe! Have a ball.

  9. pssst
    look at his avatar.
  10. smee, that doesnt count, its the website pic, not one of his bike specifically.

    you better get the pics up.. ktulu is gunna go nana's!

    congrats BTW. hope you have an absolute ball on it.
  11. :woot: Congrats Ryan, always good to hear about the joys of a new bike! You had your hairy moment, bet you won't do that again!

    Many happy learning miles! :)
  12. Congrats mate!
  13. Until you put pictures up, we are forced to assume that your new bike is bright pink, with purple dildo hand-grips, and the chain is lubed with KY.


    New bike thread = worthless without pics.
    I'm sorry, it's just the way it is. I don't make the rules...
  14. nice save on the side-stand. i learnt that mistake the hard-way, and on the first day as well.
    stay sane on that thing dude, even learner bikes can be intoxicating. though it's obvious you're already addicted and too far gone
  15. :rofl: :rofl:
  16. How did you know? :LOL:

    I'll get some pics and post them this arvo :)
  17. tell us how much you paid XD,
    i tried to get financing the other day and got knocked back, they said "havnet been in current job longer than 3 months...." sucks T_T, gonna have to buy one the hard way.....cold hard cash!
  18. We all remember our first bike, good to see the enthusiasm of a new rider heading out on the highways.


    ps mine was a 50cc Honda scooter so you are doing well.