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Guess What... Another Newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Hayley Mathews, Oct 12, 2014.

  1. Hey All,

    Just wanted to say a big hello to this website and thank you to whoever started it. I recently became a licenced motorcycle rider and what should be the best days of my life have been still a bit daunting. I have read alot of posts on the site and thanks for those who are honest with their stories it has actually made me feel alot better. I purchased myself a Ninja 300 LAM and have only taken it out twice just around my local estate. First ride pretty successful stalled it once, second ride not so great got through roundabout no troubles got to a T intersection and dropped the bike, ouch. Thankfully I wasn't hurt, apparently it happens more so just bruised the ego and now I am giving myself excuses not to take the bike out again. I feel it is really easy to obtain your licence here in QLD, I had previously ridden a dirt bike a handful of times about 2 years ago and next thing I know I am licenced for the road, its pretty daunting and I feel I am not ready. My biggest fear yesterday was not being able to pick my bike up after I dropped it and looking like an even bigger tool but adrenalin must of kicked in and I picked it up fine. Guess I am looking for some advice or if anyone is in the Ipswich area and wants to do a few runs with me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for listening.

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  2. Hey

    And thanks for the response, I spent all last night reading her thread was a great read and gave me a bit more confidence knowing there are others out there starting out where I am as well.
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  3. We all started from ground zero Hayley . To quote an old tv advertisement " it won't happen overnight , but it will happen " (if you stick with it and apply yourself) . It's like learning any new skill , it takes time.
  4. Welcome to NR...
  5. Welc0me aboard. Going down on your second ride must've sucked, good on you for wanting to get over it and stick with this whole motorcycling nonsense.

    Hopefully it's a while before you have to do it again, but picking up a bike is easy. Like everything else, it's a matter of technique.
  6. Welcome Hayley. As a fellow Queenslander who got their RE licence not so long ago, I tend to agree that it is a bit easy to get a licence. Most RE licence holders when they get their licence are probably no more competent than learner riders in the southern states. Not quite in the same boat as you as I rode for 2 or 3 years a long time ago before I got my Queensland licence so it has only taken me about a month to feel fairly confident. You just need to get out and practice. There are a number of Brisbane based members who I am sure would be willing to take you out for rides.
  7. I'm sure we can work something out for you where a ride is concerned. @Ness_@Ness_ has put into words a lot of people's hopes and fears! But it's all do-able when you take the right steps forward. PM me if there's anything I can help with.
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  8. Welcome. One day you will look back and think gee can't believe how I started. We were all there at some stage. The only thing that will stop you being a great rider is whether you get back on the second time. Good luck. Stick at it and just practise around back streets lots. Slow riding is a lot harder than riding fast. Once you get the slow stuff down pat you'll you'll be fine. Good luck
  9. Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement. I definitely don't give up easy so I will get back out there and keep going!
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  10. Welcome aboard:]
  11. Welcome!

    There are some YouTube videos that show how a small sized lady can easily lift up a big Harley. Technique is everything!

    Have a look - will give you some confidence should you drop it again!
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