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Guess the $$$ damage to matt232's bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by matt232, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. I assume most people have seen my posts about my accident


    Marty has started a sweepstakes to guess the cost of the damage. Redwing will come back with a quote late this week or early next so you have until then to give it a bash.

    Crash Damage

  2. I say closer to $6,500
  3. $4,751.84

    Plastics are not that expensive, neither are indicators nor are clutch and engine covers. Most is in the bloody labour
  4. Write off
  5. if it was a zx12 , i would say whats it really matter :LOL:
    but since its a honda , $3700
  6. How come redwing has to quote? Hasn't your bike got some gizmo that automatically SMSes you with the repair costs?
  7. he really wants to take it to peter stevens , but he is too embarissed too now :LOL:
  8. He'll swap out the 1000 engine for a 250, stick the fairings back together with some duct tape, spraypaint over the damage, and sell it as a "NEW" bike for $8000.
  9. Sorry to hear about your off Matt232.

    I reckon there b $6250
  10. how much are they new nowadays?
  11. he'll fork out $1000 bucks for engine parts, but rip the fairings off and go the necked streetfighter.
  12. Scooter beat me to it - I was going to say it was a write-off as well.
  13. I beg to differ ! Plastic damage will write me bike off.

    matt - $5390
  14. Tis but a scratch...........$4,999
  15. Put me down for $8250 (labour included). Sorry matt - I know you were hoping to hear 816.50.
  16. I'll go with $6,750 - good looking things always cost more than they should to buy/fix. I think there is a secret good looking tax out there somewhere ;)
  17. damn eh :?

    well, going on my neighbors 954, i'd say it'd be an insurance write off. you'd be able to fix it yourself for a couple of grand, but the shop has to replace everything with new bit and wont go easy on the labor charges either.

    ben had damage that was barely noticable (light scratching, nothing actually broken), was quoted over $6500 i think for a memory. it'll be more than that through insurance, and then they have a threshold where they just give you a new bike.

    if you're doing it yourself (no insurance) let me know matt, i might (dont hold me to it tho) be able to help out. i know benny has gotten some good stuff for his 954 all NICE and cheap :D

    but yeah, i'll go around $9000, theres probly a whole bunch of little things that you cant see in the photos too :?
  18. My guess is that they will write it off. My little ditch to tree excursion ended up costing ~$4,000 and all the damage was cosmetic with nothing snapped off or badly stuffed.
  19. Take a good look at the handlebar/headstem stops, and if they are marked insist that the frame will be bent and anything less than a new frame will be unacceptable, that should account for $3-4,000 alone.
  20. Last week I made a booking at Redwing for my bikes 18000km service, the booking was for today, so while that is being done they are looking at the forks to see if they can be straightened or knocking up a quote.

    Been riding it since the accident about 350km in the last 3 days, and getting the service done on it so I doubt/dread its a write off.