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Guardian Bells

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Fa1c0n, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. a BIT lame???

    That'll look great on your Hardley 883...
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  2. Send me $16.95 and I'll bless your bike over the net. As they say, what goes on the net stays on the net. It's the blessing that keeps on giving.
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  3. Hahaha Yeaaaah....

    In and Around my harley 883.... :p
  4. Heh Wondered what these were for when I saw em on a bunch of bikers bikes at a bike show. I thought maybe they had a practicle use, like they might tingle when you lean too far. lol now I know better.
  5. Got one from the missus a while ago... looks out of place in the KTM, but hey! Is the thought that counts!
  6. They are supposed to be a gift, if you buy one for yourself, they wont chase the gremlins off the road.
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  7. I got one and I haven't had an accident yet!!

    Better still, it stops the cats from pissing on my bike!
  8. Does it still count as a gift if:

    1. I tell my missus to buy me it
    2. I Pay for it
    3. I Fillout the details on the websites
    4. She presses the "Buy now" button

  9. As long as she gives it to you as a present, I don't see why not. Who cares who paid for it, is the thought that counts.
  10. The issue is it would be MY thought... Cause i would be telling her too :p
  11. I've got one, it was a gift from a friend in the US. So far its working, as I haven't come across any road gremlins (touch wood).
  12. I might consider one if it where modelled on the flying spaghetti monster - using his noodly appendage as the clapper... But then again... maybe not.

    Anyway, how do the gremlims know whether it was a gift or not?
  13. thought about getting one for myself but thought it was a wank wank thing...

    but maybe i might just get one and see if GIZMO wants to come and play
  14. Bugga that......... I want one of them gremlins :p.... put him on the back, facing the wrong way, giving the finger to all the cagers.... cool :)
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  15. funny it seems to be a harley thing,
    as itsd only harley owners that buy them, the fact its located with the harley merchandise may explain that (why do you think its all skulls etc...)

    go to a peter stevens store, they have them in stock, decent range too.