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GTR 1000- who has/had one?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by typhoon, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. I keep seeing these things and I like them. What's good/bad about owning one? How many kms do they last? Any specific problems to look for if I was to look at one?

    Regards, Andrew.
  2. I haven't had one .. but my bike shares the same basic motor and drivetrain so I've done quite a bit of searching the net for info etc.

    Here's a link to an Aussie GTR1000/Concours forum ..


    Here's a link to an American GTR1000/Concours site/forum .. might also be of some help ...


    in particular the menu options of Tech & FAQ under the subheading of Bike. Seems to be a fair bit of discussion and info there.

    There's a couple of guys on this forum I know of who've got one or had one .. hopefully they'll pop up and fill you in a bit more ...
  3. They're a robust and excellent touring bike. Huge range on them too. I have two friends who own them. They can get well over 450 km to a tank out of them.

    As for performance, while they're no R1s, they do punt along OK. I also met a chap on an MRA ride a year ago who wasn't slow on the damn thing, either.

    So, like any bike, I s'pose, a good rider can get them up and boogying.
  4. Ditto .. I also went on an MRA run around the Peninsula about a year ago and if it's the same guy/GTR you're talking about ummm nah I certainly wouldn't have said he/it was "slow"!!! :LOL: :LOL: He sure had that big mass of fibreglass fair hootin' along, 'twas a great day!!! :LOL: :LOL:

    Edit: Fixed typos
  5. GTR , I had one , sold it 4 months ago, Great for touring , single or two up , even two up with trailer, handles well , more nimble than they look , get you to 200k without to much effort. And you can definately freak a few sports bikes out :shock:

    Mine had done 140,000 k + when I sold it, still started first time everytime , Only complaint I had was during summer, tended to get a little warm around the feet and legs, but if you swap the vents around , it helps.
  6. I have a good friend in Goulburn who has one in his garage, it has done over 250,000 kms, and it replaced another which had done nearly 300,000 kms, and was written off in an accident between Goulburn and Canberra.

    Amazing machines.....
  7. I have a 93 model, and it is both comfortable and quick. Add to that its reliability, and all around it is a good bike.
    I can ride it all day with no soreness at all.
    It is reasonably agile, and the pegs can be scraped if so desired.
    Speed and acceleration are good.
    From my understanding, production for Australia ceased last year, but continues for the US market. Not bad considering the model started in 86, and has continued with only minor modifications during the years.