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GT650: Engine Design Flaw. Valves stick & destroy Engine

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by thecptn, May 27, 2006.

  1. A bit of a heads up for Hyosung GT650 owners, word is going around the net of some GT650s blowing there engines via valves sticking, so its a good idea to have them adjusted and checked every 5000 or so k.


  2. That's interesting and a bit scary, but valve clearance adjustment isn't going to help with regards valves sticking. It wil stop valves bruning out, but not sticking.
    The valves must be either bending or seizing in their guides for it to happen at such a young age. Seizing in guides is a manufacturing defect( too tight clearances/wrong guide material) while bending valves could be poor metallurgy.
    Either way, I'd be bloody worried if I owned one.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. I've always had a bad feeling whenever I saw one of these hyundaisungs go by. A shame for those who've bought them that it wasn't misguided.
  4. yeah tell me bout it :( its a great bike all round, but this... :(
  5. Oh yeah, and they've got borers in the front forks too. For goodness sakes, people, do you believe everything you read on the 'Net? Has anyone (owner especially), checked this story with Hyosung Australia?)

    If there was a problem, you can be sure a recall would have been (or will be) issued.....
  6. I have a friend who worked for one of the first Hyosung delaerships... they could not get rid of the dealership fast enough... BUT even he will admit their quality is improving with every bike!

    I think another 10years and they wil be on par with every one else...

    Any how... they were building engines for... who?? b4 thety set out on their own...
  7. That's what I used to think about Japanese bikes, and now they are almost as good as Italian and British bikes. :cool:
  8. IMO they are as good but not as pricey as the Italian and British bikes.
  9. What I find particulary interesting, is that no GV650 owners are reporting this problem to there bikes, not that I have heard of any way, what makes it interesting is that the GV model has the exact motor of the GT. :-k hopefuly this is just isolated, *touches wood*
  10. it's all well and good that jap bikes a're as good as or better than italian/german/british/etc bikes now. The problem is that point being ten years down the road for the koreans still :p
  11. They're VERY fast learners........
  12. Contrary to belief, Hyosung are NOT new to the scene, they are new to the Australian market, but they have been in the biz for 30 odd years, and even worked with Suzuki at one point, im forseeing a recall of the GT some time in the near future.
  13. If you want a straight answer, email Rick Atkinson, the head honcho of Hyosung Australia.
    Rick Atkinson E-mail Address(es):

  14. Thanks mate, might email him latter on.
  15. I own the GV650, which has pretty much the same engine, and I haven't heard a thing about this issue.

    I haven't had it for very long, but so far the engine is sweet as :p
  16. I read it with a BIG pinch of salt..could be just that batch of bikes or the guy don't know what he was taking about. Haha set his airfilter on fire...that's funni
  17. And you can't get knocked up the first time you have sex.

    The GT and GV 650's are the same engine and are fine.

    Chances are the first few had this fault and it has since been sorted out.

    You could also know what you are talking about and suggest that all Hyosung 650 riders disable the air injection, hence keep the exhaust valves cooler and reduce the chance of this fault showing it self.

    Ha ha ha - The Brits couldn't built a worthy car or bike to save the Queens arse. Italian - I didn't know people could pull that hard.

    Better? They sucked at first but they listen to the customer and fix every fault as soon as a rectificaton is found. Japanese built is now the benchmark.
  18. This reminds me of a few years back when Hyundai had a recall on some of their front suspension on Excels. Every Holden and Ford driver was quick to jump up and say "see I told you so".

    The reality is however, both Ford and Holden have more factory recalls then Hyundai.

    The problem with Hyosung is not going to be quality. They are already at a level with some of the cheaper Japanese stuff and certainly the American stuff. Probably even the cheap Ducatis.

    The problem is going to be western rider expectation. Things like; ergonomics, luggage tie downs, the fact they have a join down the middle of their seat cowl.
  19. i agree with the above comment, there is actually a recal for the Yamaha fzr-1 the naked 1ltr bike, for the same problem, valve sticking, why isnt there as much press exposure to this problem as well, for pplz wif the R1`s and fz-1`s check the yammy site for more details..........
  20. Those damn unreliable Yamahas!!! Sympathy to any poor bugger who's a bought a yamaha. Can't trust that Japanese build quality can you?? :p :LOL: :wink:

    <--- Note what I ride...