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GT250R top speed.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Guest, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. Really gave the bike a fanging yesterday and am more & more impressed with its handling around corners, especially around the dandenongs and around the lysterfield area in general.... I admit I gave it a bit stick on the way home and glanced down at the speedo which was reading 162kph.. I reckon I coulda dug a bit deeper and pulled 165-167 but didn't want to hear BOOM so 162 was where it was pulled back to a friendlier speed for the engine!

    Interested in anyone elses topspeeds on their 250's
  2. Yes, but you will have to contact most of them via a medium.

    You do untold damage to the rest of us and the public perception of motorcycling with that behaviour.

    Only gives encouragement to polies and lawmakers to focus on speed (ahem, probably correct in this example) and more rules and police attention that is slowly destroying the motorcycling experience.
  3. remind me never to buy a hyosung if their engines are liable to explode so easily.
  4. clocked 180 k's an hr on the zxr 2fiddy, the speedo started going nuts :LOL: :LOL: then i pulled back down to 170 and it was ok

  5. Well then you will be happy to know that i did 150 in a 80 zone today while weaving through traffic.
  6. Got my GPX250 just over 145 on Sandown race track, but on a public road that would be 8 points out of 12 and 12 months suspension and a $450 fine.
  7. 110Kms on my ZZR250 on a straight country road - After all, that is the LEGAL Speed limit on WA Roads !

    Its not all about "HOW FAST ?" - Its more about looking after the bike and ENJOYING the ride at safe speeds I Rekkon.
  8. 162 (since when is your speedo that accurate?) is safe in lots of places on public roads.
  9. are you serious!!!

    in WA that would be $250 and 4 points and no suspension at all!
  10. 187 on the track with my zxr250.
  11. On the beautiful HYOSUNG GT250R, it has a digital display showing speedometer, engine lights, fuel etc

    Bloody awesome i think!
  12. Just because it's digital doesn't mean it's anymore accurate than an analog speedo - they only have to be within 10% so 162 could be anywhere between 146-178.
  13. Yeah mines always read about 10ks over at 110. I think thats pretty poor for a brand new bike :?
  14. I think she is more pointing out the fact that her speedo will display when it is READING 162 exactly, rather then someone trying to guess of a conventional analog speedo (eg it could be 161, 62, or 63.
  15. True, but the post was made in reply to one questioning the accuracy of the speedo. Just trying to make the point that even though a digital speedo might display to the nearest km/hr - it in no way means that it is any more accurate than a conventional dial. So you get a more accurate display of an inaccurate reading (digital displays are largely used now for the simple fact that they are cheaper to produce).
  16. .......... ......... I'm trying to think of something constructive to say but i'm smiling too much... Hope hang on, I got something............. GET BACK IN YOUR BOX BRUCE!!! The only person I was in danger of writing off was myself so shut your hole!

    Anyway JD & Tailus, sorry, I forgot where I was and the need for complete clarification!!! My speedo read "162 kilometres per hour... My speedo hasn't been collaborated so maybe it wasn't exactly 162 kilometres per hour.... Maybe it was more...!!!!! You 2 really need to get laid or get a life!

    I wasn't asking for your moral opinions, but if your gonna give them, i'm gonna reply.... I was asking the top speeds of peoples 250's on a racetrack, on the road..... I dont care which!!!
  17. So what exactly was the point of your post then? So your speedo read 162, hooray. Change the gearing on the speedo drive and you can make it read whatever the hell you want. That sort of speed on a public road is neither smart or for that matter all that impressive - most cars will go faster than that if you want them to. Not sure why you have such an interest in the top speeds of 250s - but for what it's worth rest assured that pretty much any 4-cylinder or 2-stroke 250 will have a higher top speed than the Hyosung.
  18. Hey rooster smoker... The reason of my post is pretty clear.
    It wasn't meant to be impressive & i didn't post the question for that reason!
    I was curious about the top speeds of different 250's in general, mainly to see if there was anything that stood out from the rest... so far the only thing that is standing out is you mensa man!

    Your right, most cars do go faster... my Audi A4 does about 220-225 on a decent straight and my old skyline used to do about 260-270.... so obviously I wasn't posting it to be impressive rainman!
  19. Gearing aside top speed is dependent on power and wind resistance. Given that virtually all 4-cylinder 250s were subject to a 40ps limit (and a 180kph maximum speed) the top speed of any of them is, not surprisingly, 180kph (unless modified or originally produced/sold outside of Japan). V-twins seem to be limited by design to a power output around 32ps, so top speed will be lower - usually around the 160-170kph range. Many 2 strokes however will break the 200kph mark - current record stands at 209kph stock, 220 heavily modified. So does anything "stand out", not really - competiiton was/is so fierce between the major manufacturers that there's never really been that much of a difference between bikes of similar configuration (and still isn't). Although I guess if you could find a Aus-delivered (unrestricted, 45ps?) CBR250RR with an engine that isn't completely worn out then you might have a slight advantage in top speed over other 4-stroke 250s (but 600cc+ riders will still laugh at you).
  20. My old RD250 maxed out at about 140 if I remember correctly. :LOL:

    I got my RGV up to 190 I think, maybe a few k more, give or take speedo error.