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GT250R - project

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by ridgydidge, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. Hi all, my first bike is a bent up 2010 Hyosung GT250R. I am in the process off piecing it back together at the moment. Done Q-ride a few months ago now and have just pick up this bike for my first bike. mybike3.

    So far i have replaced the clutch and brake levers (the front brake lever was cactus). bought a new set of aftermarket mirrors and blinkers and installed an oem rear fender with number plate light. I have also bought a new lock set as the tank lock was stuffed and the rear seat lock was not working. (still havent replaced the ignition switch yet, need to buy some tools this week for that)
    fully bled and reprimed the front brakes wich seem to be working ok now. Thanks for the guys who have posted here. i learned how to do it here

    Still need to buy a new right control block (starter button broken off) and front light (cracked housing) then it will be onto the fairings. Have not decided yet whether i am going to keep the black lower fairings or go for the 2011 model white ones. The tank has a ding in it too so might eventually replace it also (Straight white)?? mybike1.
  2. the front rim has sum scuff marks on it. they are pretty close to the wall of the tire. does anyone have any idea if this might hold me up when comes time for road safety cert?
  3. i have got the front end together now and am just waiting for the lower fairings to arrive so i can put them on and get it in for a roadworthy. took it for a cheeky blat around the block tonight. Cant wait to get it on the road for real
  4. Are you trying to get it back to stock?
  5. Pretty much, only things i am changing are the mirrors and blinkers, goin for aftermarket there. will either exchange the white tank for a black one or pull it off have the small ding it has in it pulled out (if possible, its right near the crease on the bottom of the tank) and have it sprayed black. will get it roadworthied and on the road before then. And after all that i am thinking of slaping an aftermarket muffler on too. For now but, i just cant wait to get it out on the road :busting:
  6. well, put it in for a roadworthy today. All good.... but the front forks are shagged. no movement in them at all. i looked at them to make sure they were straight which they are. got a couple of scratches on them but didnt think to check if they moved.. Any tips on get forks to move again that have siezed? otherwise i am starin down the barrel of another $800 to get it on the road
  7. I'm just gonna jump right in here.
    When a bike is dropped and you dont know how or the circumstances it was dropped, you dont know the extent of the damage. So you have to go over everything very carefully.

    The forks are not worth fixing. Replace them. Should be cheap enough.
    Then go over the bike with a fine tooth comb.
  8. thanks oohsam, i will be purchassing new forks tomorrow for around $780. pulled it all down and it turns out that the right fork was completely siezed. say i would be bent on the inside. beside that the damage was all pretty much cosmetic. the forks and that it needs new front brake pads is all that is holding it back from roadworthy , so hope to have it all back together this weekend and on the road next week :)
  9. No worries man. I was thinking bout this today....
    It would be good if when you took off the front end, you took the front wheel off to a tyre place to get balanced.
    A small gash in the rim could have put the rim off balance, not something u want to deal with when you're doing 100 kms etc. A very small cost (maybe 20 bux) for alot of peace of mind.

    Also make sure you support the brakes when remove it off the disc, dont let them dangle by the brake line.
    Uhm...I think thats all I was thinking about! lol
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  10. cheers mate. Handy tips :)