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Gt250r Problem.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by mr_messy, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. Hello all,

    Wondering if I could get some help with a problem I'm having with the hyosung gt250r.
    A friend was given the above bike.
    Its a 2007 model. We bleed the brakes, changed the oil and it ran fine afterwards.
    Decided to do the spark plugs as well. after removing the tank and replacing the plugs we hooked everything back up and now the bike wont start. It cranks over no problems at all. Lights work. vacum in the vacum pipe fuel in the fuel pipe beneath the tank. No kinks in either line. tested to see if there was a spark holding the plug out of the engine no spark. Any ideas on what else I could try?
  2. Did you earth the plug againts a good bit of metal like the block when testing for spark?
  3. is it connected to the distributor properly?
  4. Yes to both.
    Tested the plugs against the frame and the engine block
    coil pack/wires are secured no loose connections
    We tried re-using the old spark plugs just in case we had dud ones but they dont work either.
  5. Its really basic... but your ignition is actually on 'Run', isn't it? I've done that one before.

    Otherwise, spray the connections on either end of the plug lead with WD40 and see if that works. Also check your fuses, you may have blown one.

    - boingk
  6. Ignition is on run.
    Starter motor turns motor but no ignition go fire the cylinders. either of them.
    Checked the fuses none blown.
  7. That leaves air or petrol. Given that you removed the petrol tank, I'd start with petrol, double check all your vacuum & fuel lines, then try putting the fuel tap on prime if it's vacuum operated.

    If it runs on prime, it's most likely a vacuum problem.

    Let us know how you go.
  8. Do you have the correct leads on the correct plugs? I assume they cant be swapped but just asking.
  9. All else fails, try kicking it over after a half-teaspoon of petrol into each cylinder through the spark plug hole. If that doesn't at least get a sputter out of it then you're looking at spark.

    On the tank, bleed through the line and make sure the petcock is working before reconnecting again. Could be as simple as needing to switch to reserve or top up with petrol.

    Cheers - boingk
  10. You have said, plug out against the cylinder...you have no spark.
    That said, yours in an electrical problem...

    When you took the tank off, did you disconnect any electrical connectors?

    Just a question...does a hoyflungdung require the sidestand down and/or neutral to start??
  11. My 2010 Whoflungdung will start with side stand down only if in Neutral. And it's clutch start... so need to pull in the clutch lever - regardless of gear.
  12. same with 06.

    However, it still sounds electrical with no spark
  13. You did something bad when you replaced the plugs. Go back over what you did VERY carefully and check. I'm not familiar with the Hyo, but assume that it wouldn't crank unless the ignition circuit was live, so somewhere between the ignition switch and the coils something is not connecting.
  14. Sounds like the problem is at the coil end of the plug leads. Take the tank off again and check..you should get spark when cranking the engine. You said fuses...is there more than one on a Hyo?
  15. Managed to find the problem.

    Took a good look at everything today found a warped connection, in the wiring loom with a green and blue wire.
    The green wire came out so put that back in and all was good.

    Thanks for all the suggestions