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GT250R Modifications

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by iamvinhy, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. http://hyosung.com.au/gt250r.html

    What kind of mods could be done to this bike in regards to appearance and sound? And an estimate cost please? :p

  2. umm what do you want the mods for??

    Pipe $550 sounds good.
  3. can do the same as for any bike.

    Lower it, raise it, new pipe, seat cowl, screen, re paint, stickers, neons. Pretty much anything you want :grin:
  4. What kind of pipe would go well? I've seen the Japanese ones that start with Y .. Yoshimura I think :p I think I'd be flamed by other bikers for having neons .. haha
  5. Can the 650cc engine bolt onto this girl?
  6. Nope. But a Suzuki GS500 engine should as the frames are the same, from what I have been told by a guy that owns one of each.

    The 650 frame is very different.
  7. Why stop at a 650, a TL1000s donk would be more fun...

    Although they look similar the gs500 frame is different, i don't think you'd fit a parallel twin into the gt250's v-twin frame.

    Why bother trying to fit a bigger engine in when you could just sell it and buy the 650 for the same price?
  8. try putting a microm pipe, they sound good and are reasonably cheap, as well as having a removable baffle. Twin side-by-side headlights are the go for a streetfighter look, and get some motocross dirtbike bars.