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GT250R Flat battery.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by moforila, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. I got my hyosung GT250R with 2000km done on it and 18 months warranty.

    After not riding for about a month, It wasn't starting because of a flat battery, a run start got it going.

    After charing the battery everything worked well for about a week, but yesterday the bike again did not want to start. I once again charged the battery but only got one good start out of it till it went back to not working.

    Is this a normal occurrence with motorcycle battery's?

    Is this something that will be covered by warranty?

    Whats the cost and a good place to buy a new battery?
  2. Batteries can be very fussy creatures. A normal car or motorcycle battery do not like being flat. In fact leaving a newish battery in a flattened state will reduce it's service life considerably.

    As this bike already had kays on it b4 you bought it the battery may have had periods of being kept flat in the past.

    1. Battery may need replacing.
    2. Charging system is not operating correctly. If you have access to a multimeter that has a DC scale test the voltage while engine is running should be somewhere between low 13 volts and max 14.7volts.

  3. Assuming 2. is the case, return the bike to the dealer and get the voltage regulator checked/replaced. And given that the battery has been discharged fully for a reasonable period, It may be best to replace it too. Get the dealer to give it a good long slow charge before fitting it to the bike.
  4. Thanks for the help guys.

    I will do the tests and post the results.

    Bikebiz needs me to wait 2 weeks before they can look at the bike. This seems a bit excessive. I know they have to put paying customers over warranty work but 2 weeks! come on.
  5. Thats bull. Ring them up and demand that they look at it this week, go on about how you've just bought it from them and that thats not the service you were guaranteed, fix it now or take the bike back. Or.. at least make them give u a loan bike for now.
  6. Thats a long time, with summer right around the corner they may be very busy
  7. Maybe if everything checks out with the charing system I can convince the guy to follow up the warranty claim for the battery would out having bring the bike in.

    One reason I opted for a new bike was not to have bullshit issues every other day.

    If the battery is at fault I may as well just buy a new one, aren't they like $70 or something.
  8. Its new, don't pay a thing. In situations like this its best to be firm, else you'll just get screwed around.
  9. The battery is a Century Yuasa and is good quality, I left my ignition on a couple of times and it completely rooted my original. easy bike to roll start, get the dealer to replace the battery if you can, crack the shits etc.