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GT250R -> FJ1200 -> SV650s

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by cragv, Nov 4, 2009.

  1. Got my yellow 'curvy' the other day from a forum member on another site. Very happy with my new purchase! Check it out!


    Gee, it's nice to be back on a v-twin!
  2. Looks like you've got yourself a nice, clean bike there:)

    How does it feel compared to the FJ1200?
  3. Yep, she's a pearler!

    FJ to SV is quite a difference alright. The biggest thing I find when throwing a leg over pretty much *any* bike after the FJ is the weight difference. I worked out that when pillioning my brother the other week, him + bike + me + fuel = 510kg. Half a ton!!

    The FJ is more than 100kg heavier than the SV, so that on its own is very noticable. Add in the light steering and clutch action and it feels almost as fast as the FJ. Almost :p
  4. Hi, I have a yellow 'pointy'..

    SV650s are so versatile, just as good in the city as it is in the mountains, an awesome all round bike. Have fun!

    Ps. Yellow is the best colour hehe.
  5. jm that link was pure gold X-D

    I wonder if bees would be attracted to gold?
  6. Don't think bees, but women certainly are. Also, stupid question, is there a reason that you stepped down on capacity? Was it an issue of practicality between the bikes or economy or something?

    Regardless, looks great.
  7. Well, cubes aren't everything - and it's not like this SV is impotent! I've been missing the rumble of a v-twin, I miss having a light bike (275kg+ vs 170kg), my circumstances have changed (less time for country trips and greater frequency of city riding) - all up, the SV is now far more suited to my needs than the FJ, although she's been a great bike.
  8. I approve. They're faster in blue though.
  9. nice bike :)