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gt250r black

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by yossiyo01, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. got a black gt250r around 2 months ago love it , anyone in melbourne have any idea if there is a group of guys who ride on a regular basis with the same bike .

  2. Nice bike! :wink:
  3. nice bike aswell , i had my screen tintd and my rear grab handle powder cated black , took yhe gt250 r stickrts of , will post my pic 2morow.
  4. Was considering taking the stickers of but thought it might damage the resale? I think I will be taking the rear handle of for that cleaner look though. Its of no use to me.
  5. you can get the stickers from peter stevens for around 19.00 , so not going to damage any of the resale :grin:
    how long have you had the bike for
  6. i got a yellow one but that will sit in the garage most days

    come to a thursday nite mystery ride and there are always a couple there.
  7. thanks for that , where is the meet point and what time , can i bring 2 mates along they ride 600cc bikes , good riders
  8. thanks for that , will see you there
  9. *cough cough* ladies too!!!

    I would say there are more chicks in Netrider that ride Hyo's then boys...
    lol... As Goosh said, thurs nights are one of the best! Anyone is welcome and you'll have a ball meeting some of the freaks in here (me included)

  10. Stickers are sealed with the clear when the paint is done.. :? As for rear handle, when you remove it it leaves a gap under your pillion seat.. :grin:
  11. the stickers on the side of the bike arnt sealed , they come of with ease, you dont need to use a blowdryer, although the sticker on the gas tank is sealed so i agree with that , i havent taken that one yet of the bike .
  12. I like my stickers, and i like the grab rail, i think of it as a little wing for my bike :p

    Red Hyo here
  13. glad i read down coz i was going to say exactly the same thing :lol

    welcome to netrider yossiyo, enjoy the hyo
  14. went on a ride to phillip island great day , the hyo had a great time on the open road, great first bike. :p
  15. Are we talking great big hole gap or tiny little coin slot gap....I can live with coin slot. But I can also live with not taking it off.
  16. Glad to hear your enjoying the hyo yossiyo01. Did you actually take it on the track? I just clocked 600kms today on mine. :grin:

    Unfortunately my Temp Gauge has gone missing and my Pass Switch stopped working. :(
  17. i also took the rear handle of , left a gap bigger than a coin slot, so instead i powder coated it , only 30.00 dolars so all black now
  18. funny little thing happened to me last night , did a lane split at the corner of glenhuntly road and nepean hwy , stopped at the light in front of a commodore, suddenly i heard bang , the guy got out slammed his door and then screamed at me get out of the way i was hear first , lol
  19. Yup, cagers hate it.. they also hate the fact you can fill up your tank cheap, out-accelerate them using half your tacho, and their gf keeps checkin' out your bike :LOL: