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GT250 Cutting Out (since running out of fuel 2 months ago)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by corsarius, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. Here's the thing.

    My GT250 has started intermittently cutting out, but it's only started since I ran out of fuel (thanks so much Hyosung for your dodgy fuel gauges) a month or two ago.

    Since then I'll be cruising along nicely at 100 and the engine will cut out - sometimes it will restart again 'on the go', but other times I have to pull over, wait a minute, and restart.

    It also very occasionally cuts out when I pull up at the lights.

    It doesn't happen often - but frequently enough to make it annoying: and potentially dangerous: don't want to be half way around a corner when the engine cuts out.

    First few times I thought it was vapour lock, but doesn't seem to happen any more in hotter weather etc.

    Also occurs most frequently when I'm under half a tank of fuel left.

    My first thought is blockage in the fuel lines somewhere, but why the intermittent cutouts.

    Any thoughts!?!?!?!!

    Many Thanks.

  2. Also - possibly unrelated: a rattling/ringing sound which only occurs while moving, and at certain revs. Sounds like loose metal or such, but I've gone over the bike tightening everything to no avail.

    Sounds like it's coming from the instruments area, but could be from front of engine (hard to say while moving)

    Started around the same time, but likely unrelated?

  3. Check that your breather hole in your fuel cap is not blocked. It is very small so look carefully
  4. also they had a spate of dodgy fuel filters too...
  5. Is it an R or Naked?

    My advice is take it to Staffords in Heidelberg. They know everything about these machines. I had a similar fuelling problem and they were able to fix it but I can't for the life of me remember what caused it :oops: Sorry I can't be of more help.
  6. Bingo! That's what it was! Thanks Stigger :grin:
  7. Thanks guys, my first thought was fuel filter, but I thought I'd get your advice first :)

    As for the breather hole, I read on a US Dept. of Transport site that a number of Hyosungs (2005/2006 models) had been recalled over there due to problems of this sort which caused engine cut-outs: but only on the 650 models (though I was under the impression that the fuel tank was identical on 650 and 250 models).
  8. That's because the Cali spec one had epoxy over the breather holes to meet emission regs...
  9. :shock: Wow - what a brilliant idea that was.
  10. Because you are saying that the problem started after running out of fuel,I would first change the fuel filter.
    When the tanks is run to completely empty,any crap in the fuel tank is then caught in the fuel filter.
    When the bike is constantly using fuel such as on a highway there may not be enough fuel getting through the fuel filter to the engine.
  11. Responses pretty much confirm my own thoughts.

    Thanks... filter duly changed, and no problems as yet.

    And as a bonus, figured out what the damn rattling noise was: one of the rubber stops on the bracket which holds the front of the tank in was conspicuously "missing". Interestingly only happened post the last service.

    In the interim, I've fashioned another stop out of some high density rubber I had lying around.