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GT- Air Shoei - fogging issues

Discussion in 'Helmets' started by goddie, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. Well I recently purchased the new Shoei GT-Air, thought I'd post my experiences so far. Only bought it 1st July, and have had issues with the pinlock system fogging up on me, I have seen a link on an NZ site where someone mentioned fogging [without pinlock] so no real comparison there. My issues have been during rain and this morning in Melbourne no rain, bumper to bumper traffic as in commute, I got this situation. Pic attached is taken with mobile just as I took the helmet off at work, travelled from Maribrynong to the east end of town, as you can see, ended up with tunnel vision..
    Now, PS have already replaced the original helmet I bought, Peter whos the sales supervisor has done the right thing by giving me a new helmet, new pinlock system etc, I have emailed all the pics, so far about 8 or 10 pics I think I have emailed him, he's sent them on and am awating further news from Peter. The helmet is good, comfy firm fit, when riding above say 45kmh, the breeze is felt up front from the chin vent, no other vent opened at the time, but stop / start as per this morning and I got tunnel vision as per attached pic, now I didnt use the freeway intentionally to test the helmet's coping with normal commute. Freeway speeds the visor's cleared, but in rain, I found the original helmet leaked water on to my nose from the middle, and the chin vent works so well that it was wet inside my helmet, hence the immediate 'here's another helmet' from Peter. Noise wise, all depends on textile/leather jacket, seat/crouch position, with our without ear plugs and yes, screen position too. Wind on chest, the visor deals with freeway speeds well, seems quiet enough with plugs in, only foam plugs so nothing special, would like to hang on to this helmet but I feel it's dangerous to ride with visor fogging up without rain even.. your thoughts folks? WP_000659 -mini.


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  2. So is that on the inside of the visor?
  3. sure is, looking out, take in to consideration time to remove gloves, dig mobile out of ventura bag, remove helmet, some condensation would dissipate, not much but when I had the tunnel vision look, was more hairy looking.
  4. I never had pinlock before but I think you can turn the 2 pins to adjust it. Maybe there's a gap on your pinlock and it can't seal properly?
  5. Not good at all. I'm guessing it's the moisture in the air coming through the vent rather than your warm breath, but whatever the cause to me it's dangerous. Under different conditions the clear spot could be quite small. Being a complete and utter newbie, it'd scare me. For comparison my morning commute too melb. CBD of about 20mins I got a little minor fogging which cleared at speed. I've no pinlock or antifog treatment. Only had to crack the visor at lights.
  6. PS have replaced the helmet with a new one, new visor, new pinlock, adjusted by them. I know what you mean, and I got them to do it all, just in case I may have done something wrong, I have an XR1000 at home with a pinlock that I installed, eg, drilled in to visor myself, and snapped the pinlock into place myself, at the beginning no issues, ony recently due to my washing it and trying to refit it started to get condensation at the bottom, but not to the extent of whats on the pic above.
  7. So is it in the air gap between visor and pinlock?

  8. I will give this helmet great 'clearing' properties/vent setup, call what you will, but only when speed is up to 45kmh or more, but when you stop start it gets issues, mind you , I am talk about MY experiences, and I cant find any other feedback on the net with this issue. otherwise I like the helmet itself, it has a sunny visor built in, and that also gets condensation problems, but given it has no pinlock setup, one would expect that. I am patient and hope PS will come to some 'fix' if it's going to happen. As mentioned, they have done all the right things so far, awaiting rep from Shoei or importer to get back to them with 'something'.
  9. Well you seem to be doing the "right thing" and even if you are the only one who has reported it, it's definitely a serious problem that needs rectification. Shouldn't need to use the helmet only in certain conditions.
  10. If the pinlock is sealed to the visor (and it is dry inside when it is sealed) then it shoudln't fog up (just like double glazing).

    My guess is that the seal isn't flush to the curve of the visor. I've had one pinlcok insert like this on an arai visor (but it didn't fog up anywhere near as bad).

    As someone else said - the two pegs which hold teh visor in place can be turned to enable the seal to become flush.

    Otherwise it is just a bad pinlock insert/ and or slightly warped visor.
  11. Nup, thats all on the inside, my side of the plastic
  12. My sentiments exactly, thing is, I like the helmet, fit etc, but this is frustrating, just hope we get a resolution.
  13. As I mentioned to Peter at PS, the pinlock needs to be secured in one go, trying to correct the seat [from my previous experience] AFTER the initial contact to the visor is made, creates sealing issues [my experiences] and yes PS applied the new pinlock themselves.
  14. I bought the same helmet a couple of weeks ago but haven't had a chance to try it out yet. My previous Shoei did not have a pinlock but I had little problem with fogging, just kept the visor cracked a little seemed to do the job when I wasn't moving. Had no problem on the move.

    My new Shoei has a few more "bits" like a chin curtain, maybe that is keeping warm air inside the helmet. I will be very dissapointed if I experience the same issues as you Goddie. Unfortunately, I have a few more weeks off the bike before I can try it out.

    Maybe there is just too much hot air inside your helmet :bolt:
  15. Don't let them off the hook Goddie. Keep at them. Helmet shouldn't be that bad. I used to occasionally get fogouts, but the conditions had to be pretty extreme (Noojee rd, very cold and wet etc).

    Helmet is too exxy to put up with that.
  16. could very well be lol the frustration is that is designed to be better then most

    , and I think in summer the ventilation system would work well, I only open the chin vent, and when speed is up you feel the air around your eyes, but commute traffic doesnt give you that luxury all the time, and this morning, it wasnt a wet morning, this is the only reason I have posted here. Frustrated..
  17. I wouldn't assume that the bike shop are experts at getting the seal to work. If the visor is a slightly different curve to the insert then it is a right bugger to seal fully. With that amount of fogging going on the seal must be really bad.

    My seal test is to see if i can lift or move the insert using my fingernail (with slight pressure) anywhere under the outside edge of the insert. If yes then I adjust the one of the pegs. Even on the warped visor I had issues with I only get tiny amount of fogging now - on the others I get none at all.

    Pinlocks don't physically glue to the visor so using the adjusting pegs is fine (as long as you don't over tighten them which then causes a gap to form where the peg is).

    Hope this helps.
  18. That is awful!!!! I would be looking at another helmet altogether, to me that's just out and out dangerous.
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  19. I have the same issue with mine...

    Have had my shoei tz-x for 18 months. The Pinlock I originally bought was perfect, only slight fogging on the inside on very cold and rainy days in slow traffic. A few months ago I needed a new insert, and being very happy with the original one, went one up and bought the Pinlock ProtecTint (light sensitive, double the price). That was a total waste of money. Nowhere near useful as far as light sensitivity goes, and easily fogging up from the inside - I would have the same level of fogging as you if I didn't ride with the visor up a notch.

    So I'd say it's not a Shoei issue, but rather a Pinlock issue. I was hoping it's just the Pinlock ProtecTint model, and I'll be right when I switch to basic Pinlock. Is yours PritecTint or standard? If you have just the standard Pinlock - they must have switched to a new material that's not as good at absorbing humidity as before.
  20. And by the way, the fogging is on the inside of the insert, and not between the insert and the visor. Hence the problem is not related to the seal, and insert adjustments won't help.
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