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GSXS 1000

Average User Rating:
  1. Nice mate, Jeff from rapid mag says he is going to lend me the demo one he has for a few months. I think he's enjoying it way too much as it's still in his damn garage and not mine ...
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  2. Nice one mate, you'll have to update your username though lol
  3. 400 k's Done and Happy with it Guys, way more comfortable then my MT07 and lots of power obviously, Snatchy throttle but Will ease i think with a few more k's on it. Olivers Motorcycle in Brisbane were amazing on getting me The bike as hard to get in that Matt Grey. Now Just waiting on first service 1000k's to push The RPM and see what this K5 engine us Really about ! Ride Safe Guys :)
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  4. Need advice on Intercome for me and my pillion ! What are you Guys using or recommend ? Cheers :)
  5. Nice wheels dude!
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