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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by ckr83, May 8, 2006.

  1. hey guys,
    looking for my first bike and saw a 1988 gsxr 750 in the paper for sale @ $2800.ono. 6mths rego
    new tyres, brakes, sprocket and chain.
    would this be a good buy do you think?
    going to have a looka and test ride sat.
    cheers clint

  2. um - if this is your first motorbike, can you legally ride a 750???
  3. in a couple of your other posts you mentioned you had 5k lying around, have you downgraded your budget?

    i saw this go for $5000 on a forum the other day- (no rego but otherwise excellent condition.)

    so you can see $2000ish can make a huge difference when it comes to buying bikes, so it might be worth trying to get back to your original 5k budget if possible, the extra 2k could get you a decade younger bike.

    good luck :)
  4. Lets see $2800 for an 18 year old sportsbike

    In a word


    Dont touch it with a barge pole unless you have a fair understanding of rebuilding accelerator pump equiped carbys.

    Have a spare 1500 bucks in your pocket to replace the totally worn out rear shock and linkage bearings.

    Oh and of course the 600 bucks to replace the worn out discs as there would be new pads but i do not think new rotors so take a micrometer or a hook jaw vernier caliper to measure them.

    Then depending on the mileage 50 - 80 k bank on rings and valves also gaskets etc

    if the mileage is lower than that well assume a major crash as instruments and fairings would probably have been replaced.

    Good luck with the bargain

    PS A really good example of this bike will pull 6 to 7 k one owner new dropped etc because its a shannons bike

    Sorry to sound negative mate but you will regret it and your mechanic will love you to bits for the amount of work he will get off you. I ve seen to many new blokes go this route and its nothing but dramas.
  5. Not quite as negative as Brucy, but owning an 89, 1100 gives me a fair insight into this. Afew things to note:

    You will need to be handy with a spanner.

    Parts were really good for these, a few years ago, but are starting to thin out now. Aftermarket parts are not bad.

    In 88 Suzuki were still getting a few things right. e.g. Suspension and linkages were changed a fair bit in later models.

    also, with the 750, they made a lot more changes from year to year then the 1100. This means getting the exact part may be harder.

    This model is not particully desirable, because it's not the first and the 91 and 92 models were the best of the oil/air era.

    Also remember, these were cutting edge race bikes at the time. This means, that people only bought them to hammer them.

    Having noted all this, $2800 for something with rego is not bad.

    If you get it for $2500, do $500-1000 worth of maintenance and then sell it in a year or so for $2000, then your only paying $1000-1500 (plus rego next time round) for a years riding.

    And, any bike over about 8 years old may have just as many problem. You could pay $8000 for a mid-late 90's fireblade and have just as much trouble.

    But remember, only if you are handy with a spanner, otherwise the cost of labour will just blow you out of the water.
  6. Sorry if i sounded to negative, but you really do need to know your stuff when dealing with sportsbikes of this era. i agree with iblast in everything he said. for me its not an issue to rebuild anything, or make missing bits etc but you really need that roadworthy to come with it at least.
  7. because i went through q-ride here in queensland and have held my open car licence for over 3 years i can go straight to an open unrestricted bike licence.

    thank for the insight guys, that zx6r would have been awesome to buy, the prob im finding is the lack of bikes for sale in my area. i may go back to my $5k budget and look for something newer.

    thanks again

    cheers clint

    please let me know of any nice sports bikes around that price for sale.
  8. What model (year) bike is that?
  9. aaaaaaaaah.

    lucky you!!!!!!
  10. 2000 zx6r.
  11. hmmm that could make a nice upgrade!! $5000 seems awfully cheap!!
  12. I was thinking the same thing!
  13. hmmm that could make a nice upgrade!! $5000 seems awfully cheap!![/quote]

    If i know which bike that one is... the owner was rather reluctant (but desperate) to sell it, and in the end would've rather have kept it... but for his own reasons had to sell it.

    These bargains come up occasionally, you've just gotta keep your money handy and your ear to the wind.