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GSXR750 vs Daytona 675

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by rob_, Aug 28, 2007.

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  2. go the mighty 675 baby!!!

    the grin factor is awesome :D
    every time, and i mean every damn time i even look at her i grin, ;)

    but yeah, great read too :p
  3. Very entertaining read. Its gonna be bloody hard to pick a bike when it comes to upgrade, all of the 600's have their ups and down. I love the Daytona and it would defiently be on the top of my list, but knowing me i would ride the bike more than drive my car, so the aggressive seating position probably wouldnt be ideal. Gixxer 750, like the review said great bike. CBR600RR, pretty much everything a sportsbike should have, comfortable seating position (even for a sports), well balanced power, reliable (being a honda), and even economical but its missing the "grin factor", it just seems to dull. Styling is too constraint, if it was just a bit more aggressive, and had a bit more character, all the other bikes would drop in sales :p R6 and ZX-6r are bikes with character. R6 has the aggressive styling that gives a bike personality, and the Ninja has a very sleek and cool look about it. Both of em are more suited to the track, but i would prefer the Ninja because i am a ninja :p :cool: Guess it'll come down to testing the bikes out for yourself when the time comes, otherwise we'd all end up riding what the reviews tell us to ride.
  4. that was a great read. two the bikes i can see myself upgrading too
  5. x2, although i love my 07 r6, these two bikes are quickly making me feel the need for more power!
  6. Sorry guys, as a passionate owner of a Daytona 675, I'm going to pick this review to shit.

    I really need to ask "WTF is so aggressive about the 675's riding position?". I'm still recovering from a broken wrist, and just riding the bike around is not painful to me at all. Who the f*ck are these pansies with wrists weaker than wet cardboard who complain about its "aggressive uncompromising riding position"? Uncompromising to whom? People with broken wrists? No, sorry, I'm doing just fine here thanks.

    The only time my wrist is bugging me at present on the bike is when I'm hanging off the side of it, knee about to touch down, and winding the throttle on, but that'd be true of any bike.

    The 675 exiled? Maybe in the USA where they decide that invading the Middle East, and voting in George Dubya, would be a good thing to do. In the rest of the world, the 675 is still accepted in the SuperSport and SuperStock ranks. If it's not in the World Supersport, that's only because Triumph hasn't pushed for it. 750cc V2's are in World Supersport because Ducati pushed for it.

    How do brakes that are capable of one-finger stoppies "not feel (as) potent". How much more freaking potent do you need?

    The 675 makes no more power than any of the 600cc I4's, much like how the 750cc twins make no more power than a 600cc I4 either. Tables are turned? How?

    As much as I like reading about the 675, these guys are exuding an underlying current of Japanese marketing driven influence, which is highlighted in that they didn't include the 675 in their recent super-sport round-up, but they were oh-so-happy to include the Kawasaki ZX-636 against the other 600cc I4's, and proclaim it the winner in earlier shoot-outs.

    Yep, the finest commercialised market driven selective bias is on display right here.
  7. erm... didnt the trumpy win the comparo?
  8. It won on it's own, but it sounds like they also paid the Journo for it to win just in case.
  9. Yeah, it won a comparison of 2 bikes that the article itself labels as "exiles", which is a polite way of saying "reject". Yep. Excluding the 675 from the supersport roundups, and effectively labelling it "a good cheater", is just kow-tow-ing to the big 4.

    All of a sudden, in the USA, many magazines have turned a very cold shoulder towards the 675. For years they included the Ducati 74x, and the Kwaka 636 in their supersport roundups, but along comes a bike that challenges people to think outside of what the Jap 4 serve up, and after a year of blitzing the Jap 4 (something which the Ducati 74x never really did), and in a market where marketing money is known to talk very loudly, and now the US mags consider the 675 to be a cheater.

    I don't have a problem with the article in its own merit, I have a problem with the article admitting that the US magazine market is snubbing the 675, and then proceeds to do that very same thing itself, rather than stand up and so that the 675 is a valid super-sport machine.

    I like to think of it this way. I would like variety. I would like the Jap 4 to sit up and dare to be different amongst themselves. They don't though. I'd like to see a 675cc Japanese triple, or a 750cc Jap V2, that shakes up the supersport field a bit.
  10. It seems to have struck a nerve though!

    675 is awesome. I love the looks, the sound, the performance. I am just a bit jealous (I'll cope though!).
  11. both great bikes
    the only solution is to own both
  12. i dont think that they questioned its validity as a supersport machine other than "is it legal to race it in a supersport category". as far as i could see, they were saying that both the gixxer and the daytona were awesome everyday sports bikes that couldnt be entered into a particular race category. which, and correct me if i'm wrong, they are?

    for 95% of riders who never enter their bikes into racing, they couldnt give a shite about which one is legal for racing or not. the article basically stated that these are perfect fun bikes... not outrageous like a 1000, not revvy and torqueless like a 600. i really think you are only looking at the negatives of the article, and the reality is, they mention very few negatives for either bike.

    and if the japs started making 675 triples, what would make the trumpy so special?
  13. So, that's why they labelled it a cheater, made back-handed references to it having an unfair advantage, and excluded it from their 2007 Supersport roundup?

    The 675 is valid for racing in pretty much every single country's supersport and superstock code, except for in the USA. Still, in the same frame of reference, the Ducati 74x's were never allowed to race in the super stock/sport in the USA either. That never stopped USA mags from including the Ducati in their Supersport comparo's.

    Why am I grumpy about it? It irks me to label a bike that brings something new and fresh to the table, as an exile and a cheater. To me, it just stifles innovation because innovation can only be funded through the marketplace supporting it, but if the entire US media starts labelling various bikes as cheating oddities then it also diminishes some of the market appeal of the bike.

    I've had my say, I'll shut up now. My opinion is fueled by more than this article. It's been happening across a number of US publications. This is just yet another one that demonstrates what I believe to be market bias.
  14. fair enough. all i know, is that after this article, i want one even more! *counts the days till restrictions end*
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  16. How awesome does the 675 look.. :twisted:
  17. 675

    +1 on the comments,

    I rode every 600 + 750 before settling on the Daytona,

    Kwaka, Honda, Suzuki, Yama, Ducati..

    What amazed me were the amount of people who bagged the sh!t out of the daytona when i told them it was there bike vs the daytona.

    I had one dealer tell me that the Kwaka would piss all over the daytona on a track.. and that the Daytona was more a street bike than track tool...

    I must admit as soon as i heard that drivel i got off the bike, smiled and walked away. I have a completly unbiased view on all these bikes as i am not loyal to any of them, for me the Daytona was like nothing else i had ridden.. it is as triumph put it... incomparable.

    People should do as i did and go ride the thing, i dont give a toss if a journo doesnt like a certain bike.. at the end of the day that his opinion.. There is no answer to what bike is the best.. although there does seem to be major bias towards the big four..

    Ride the triumph, it will blow you away!!

    Just my 10cents.
  18. I agree completely, although I don't have a broken wrist. I'm 6'3" tall and I find my 675 to be very comfy, even on the bumy as f*ck roads out this way. I have no problems staying on the bike all day every day. I ride it everywhere and the only time I feel fatigued is when it's stinking bloody hot and I've been sweating my arse off in my leathers all day. It got to the point where I sold my car because it was just sitting there un-used. The only thing I can think of about the riding position that could be considered extreme compared to the others is the seat height.
  19. Hey Bigbhoy I am also a lucky owner of the 675 and I fully agree with all your work. Same thing with me and the dealers, yes this bike revs harder better on the track (?) etc, etc. My reason for buying the 675 apart from the looks, the sound, the handling? Simple, it has the most torque and power down low where I am going to be doing most of my riding. Yes it will be occassionally revving it's tits off, but mostly getting me to work and back with the smile on my face.
  20. Daytona 675

    Hey Hotwheels,

    I got a black one too!!! how good is this bike man???

    I recently bough a bike mag from the UK called Performance Bike, in it they have a guy called the Baron (kind ghost rider type). In the article they have been test riding all the current crop of Super sports around the nuremburg ring. Well the Triumph was up against the Aprillia RSVR FACTORY and the GSXR 750. Out right the bike was a little slower due to the capacity differance, but the bike had the fastest corner entry and exit on any bike they had tested and ranked third best bike out there entire test. (which included the Duc 1098r)

    In that company i am delighted with my purchase!!! haha

    I just bought an R32 VW for work recently and i need to be forced to drive it since i picked the bike up!!! haha.

    Have fun on your bike buddy.

    you should also join the triumph forum if your looking for group buys etc and hints and tips for your machine.