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gsxr750 or gsxr1000?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by gpxkermit250, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. A mate of mine (lucky enough to be off restrictions unlike this Noob green duck) is entertaining the idea of a Gsxr as his next bike. He has been riding a soon to be sold Ducati 1000 and is not sure whether or not to go for a 750cc or 1000c in the Gixxer range. (Arround the 2005 vintage)

    Most of the web research I can find indicates that you dont get alot more with the 1000 except power/extra weight to carry around and for the average Jo Bloggs rider commuting and or taking not too adventurous twisties the 750 would suffice.

    Happy to canvas all your thoughts, ideas, theories and experiences that I can pass on about the GSXR750 vs 1000 question.

  2. you missed a great chance to add a poll to your post.....it will always get more views/asnwers.....i know i would of voted

    oh yeah 750
  3. The 750 is less mental.
  4. the 750 is a great bike, smaller. lighter and easier to chcuk around. In saying that I now have a 1000 and while its going to take some getting used to is an awesome bike! It has Power that I will NEVER ever use, but its super easy to ride and kills it on the freeways too.
  5. Hmmm, even a 600 will suffice for the roads as you can only go so fast can you, but in saying that i'd go for the 1000. It just sounds good and a nice even number.

    Say it with me One-Thoouuuu-saaannnnd :grin:
  6. If it has to be a K5, get the 1000.

    The K5 1000 was the first of the new models that pretty much ruled the roost until the new Fireblade came out this year. The 750 and 600 weren't updated until 2006, I believe.

    Anyway, it's probably splitting hairs. They're both awesome awesome awesome. I'd probably lean toward the 750 as you can use more of the throttle more of the time and it's a bit lighter.
  7. Ive never ridden a 750. But i love my 1000, easy to ride and nothing to worry about if you respect the throttle
  8. Isent changing the performance settings on ya right bar similar to
    changing performance to a 750 & 600cc?
  9. :grin: I recently traded my 96 750 SRAD Model on a K7 1000. The 1000 is an awesome bike and with the twin Akropovics sounds as good as it goes :wink:
  10. Surely you could get an '06 750 for around the same $$ as a 05 1000??? Couldn't you? Or even less than it? I would go a 06/07 750 for similar $$.
  11. What would a non-adventurous, average Joe Bloggs commuter want with either bike?
  12. It's the difference between this
    or this
    Much the same really but if your'e the average type of Joe Bloggs that likes to do wheelies and carry on as they commute then the GSXR will look cooler and lift the front with less effort. :cool:
  13. Depends on the riding he does. I prefer the 1000 for ease of riding but that's really the only reason i have as they are both quick enough.
  14. great replies... seems to be about 50% split love for both out there..

    Will add fuel to his confusion fire.. all good!

    FITTY - I said 'not too' adventurous as apposed to 'Non' adventurous... I should have explained that in more detail. Makes it sound like he potters around on motorised wheel chair, ha! We both ride on twisties most weekends, make a point of riding at night and when wet for practice and fun and enjoy some straight line shananagans off at the lights/through suburbia etc. There aint any track work, monster 400 metre wheelies at 100km an hour through peoples front yards, knee scraping, deliberate rear wheel drift etc....
  15. By your description of the rider, it sounds like he'd be happy enough with the new Honda CB400 LAMS bike.

    But if it's out of the GSXR 750 and thou, then either bike will be PLENTY powerful enough, so it comes down which bike being sold is best for the price, regardless of model.
    Personally...I'd go for the Thou. To me...the 750 is not a 600 on steroids, as many have said... having given the 750 a pretty aggressive run through some twisties, it felt more like an underpowered thou. (just to give it some perspective)

  16. Thanks John...

    I will suggest the Lams Friendly CB400, and wait to see the look on his face just before he throws a Disc Lock at me!

  17. There's NO Replacement For Displacement
  18. Yeah, anything less than a litre bike is crap. Slow as a wet week. Only slow scaredy-cats ride bikes with less than 1000cc. Bikes with that little power are for pussies. A litre bike will make you a heaps better and faster rider too. You can just wind on the throttle on the straight bits and really impress your mates at how good you are. The 600's and 750's have absolutely no get up and go at all. You may as well be on a pushbike they are that pathetic and take SO MUCH effort to get from A to B that you'll be exhausted before you even get to the end of your street.
  19. So they tell me. Ive hardly ever used them though. And still no experience on a 750 to compare to anyway :(
  20. How big are his balls? :LOL:

    Realistacally... the 1000's have more power than you can use properly on the street... Having said that. Get one :cool:

    I love 1000's, not coz it makes me think I'm faster or anything, but on the freeway you potter along pretty much idling with enough power to just twist and get out of anywhere at a rapid rate without having to reach to the heavens and tickle the redline, I'm lazy... Basically it's like having the power of tapping down 2 gears on the 750 and twisting... or just twisting!

    Having said that though, he needs to find what feels right. The 05 1000's feel pretty big to sit on when compared to the diminuitive 06 750's...