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gsxr750 kart

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by grim32, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. 2000 model tony kart lengthened 40cm
    93 gsxr750 motor with pod filters and remus pipe
    remade throttle and clutch cables
    lancer brake calliper, silvia master cylinder, braided brake line
    fabricated engine mounts, gear stick, exhaust, stiffened chassis
    T25 turbo still to come



  2. Yeah thats sick, get that thing to the track and drift.
  3. Nice russell! Long time no see mate, still riding? 636? :D
  4. And you didnt add the 1997 school assembly's plastic Chair.
  5. You built this suicide weapon yourself? Don't you know that euthenasia is against the law :LOL:????
  6. Hey mate hows it going? Havent been riding much at all latley ive been pretty busy with work and things but the 636 is still sitting here under the cover waiting for me lol. Have to get the ol girl out and give her some love.
  7. When's the rego label going on?
  8. Fit some front brakes & a line locker kit... then take it to Summernats & pull a massive burn out in it... you'll win foir sure!!!

    That things will be wicked fun, Good work Grim!!!
  9. Just got some new tyres on her so ill get some video of it on sunday arvo and post up a link when i upload it.
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  11. Faaaarrrkin' wicked! :LOL:

    Tex & Bundy
  12. Thats what im talking about..

    I think you'll need new tyres again real soon with that driving style :LOL:

    Good Stuff.
  13. That's bloody awesome. A mate and I were looking at doing something similar with an '84 GSX-250 I've got sitting in the garage... it's worth bugger all so I thought we may as well get some fun out of it. Where did you source your frame, and can you give me a ball-park estimate of cost (I don't think we'll be going as all out as you did for an old ~20hp donk though)?
  14. #14 grim32, Aug 11, 2008
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    and the other vid finally uploaded [media=youtube]X9E38kw73xk[/media]

    As for cost i bought the kart as a clubman off ebay for 1k but sold the motor for $400 so as a roller it owes me $600.
    About $100 for steel tube to mod the frame
    $200 for the new brakes we made for it
    $200 for the carbonfibre pipe
    $80 for new cables
    Another $3-400 for airfilters, hoses,clamps, nuts and bolts, fuel pump etc etc thats after you buy the motor lol
  15. For sure :D Let us know when you're back on the road we should go for a fang :grin:
  16. great work there!

    i've been thinking similar, but with an off road buggy and an old 600 motor!