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GSXR750 K7

Discussion in 'Archived' started by stunva, Apr 20, 2013.

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  1. 09/2007 GSXR750, Feb rego, 11,223ks, steel lines, pazo levers, M4 can, good rubber. some small marks but in reasonable cosmetic condition, excellent mechanical condition. Spare key, no books, second owner.
    $8,500 neg.
    Selling it this week or trading it in next week.

    Gunnedah, NSW


  2. Call Stuart 0428 427 627
  3. We didn't trade the bike today so it's still on the market, happy to look at offers over $7.5k.
  4. Jeez, good luck man. That's a beautiful bike. Hope you find a home for it soon.
  5. I've just been offered $6.5k as a trade, so anything above that may find you owning a nice bike at the right price.
  6. Holy !!!!!
  7. That's a really really nice bike with a really really nice price
    I'm already jealous of whoever buys it
  8. Dude don't rush the sale and short change yourself! A buyer will come..
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  9. Thanks guys, yes it is a nice bike and for $6.5k we'll probably end up keeping it but we have until Thursday to make up our mind on whether to trade it for that or not.

    If someone was to come up with $7k between now and then well we'd probably let it go for the ease of the exercise.
  10. Surely you can get it for $7k easy! Have you posted on gumtree?
  11. I've stayed off Bikesales, Ebay & Gumtree with this bike and just posted it on few forums. My experience with the above sites is poor, too many trollers and scammers wasting time.
  12. I sold my CB400 on Bikesales in under a week. Give it another try. Use the premium ad.
  13. On the flip side , my GSXR1000 was in bikesales for over two months before I gave up and traded her in
    Lams bikes seem to sell much quicker
  14. Then again there are like a zillion gixxers for sale. Victim of its own all round awesomeness.
  15. I'll ask around for you @stunva . I'm dreading the day I have to sell mine. I remember one guy who was selling a gixxer that I was half interested in listed his for 1 million on bikesales out of frustration from the peanuts, and other sellers generally frustrated. So many window lickers ha ha ha
  16. They walk amongst us ...... I've tried to sell a very nice Tuono a couple of times, fair enough it has a few k's on it, but in general I found the mainstream sales sites no more than a play ground for, as you call them, the "window lickers".

    I appreciate your help, thank you.
  17. Stunva,

    What was the outcome? Were you able to sell the bike? The GSX-R750s are a bloody top machine and yours look really good.
  18. We confirmed it to be traded on Saturday morning.
  19. What trade did they give you?
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