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NSW GSXR750 Insurance

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by nato2014a, Jul 3, 2014.

  1. Hi,

    I am a 41 year old rider since 2005. I own a GSX750F. Looking at trading it in for a new GSXR-750.

    Just getting quotes for comprehensive and its damn near $2000 which has just thrown a downer on the whole deal. I didn't figure it would be that much.

    I now am considering going to a GSXR600 as its cheaper on insurance. Riding for me isn't track style nor do I want to flog the bjesus out of the machine down the road. I just love the look of the 2014 models and want one. I figure its a performance and aesthetics increase over the GSX750F

    Can anyone suggest a cheaper insurance company? I noticed Swann can do it much much cheaper......but its kinda too cheap to be legit IMO.


  2. Swann is a legit insurer so if you have provided legit information, you have a legit quote which is valid for X days.

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  3. Whatever your company is now is the one that is not legit if it's charging a 41yr old $2000 for comp. Should be around $500-800 max i'd imagine unless you live in a stealing hot spot.
  4. Your intended usage of the bike has little to do with how much of a risk the insurer deems the bike to their bottom line and how much compensation they need to balance the risk/reward, new/current sportsbikes would surely be at the top of their hit list. I recall some insurers I called up wouldn't even entertain the idea of insuring a current sportsbike.
  5. Hi the expensive quote was Shannons. I spoke to another dealer who thought their quote was way over the mark. got a better quote today.
  6. Mate qbe all the way. Give them a call
  7. Hi mate i pay $652 year with QBE for a cbr1000rr hrc blade try them.cheers
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