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GSXR600 vs GSXR750 - Is the 750 too fast?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mogley, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    So i'm ready to upgrade off LAMs and have been looking for a nice black GSX-R600 K6 or K7 for some time now and had no luck in NSW...

    Being the impatient guy that I am I thought i might see if there are any 750 k6 or k7s around and to my surprise there is a few.

    And so now all along i've wanted the 600 but suddenly been reading that the 750 is awesome and the perfect amount of power between the "gutless" 600 and 1st gear till i die 1000.

    Now my concern with the 750 really is whether it's that much faster than a 600? I know i should test ride etc but thought i'd get some opinions too.

    Coming from a 250 i have ridden a 600 and obviously completely blown out of the water.

    I can't imagine wanting much more power at all but keep reading that the 750 has so much more useable power, mid-range etc etc.

    Personally, I love the way the 600s scream and rev and am concerned the 750 might be too much thou' and not enough 600? Bear in mind i'm not a track junkie at all and whilst i am keen to do a few track days most of my riding is just to enjoy being on two-wheels and not at all to get my elbow down around corners. Having said that I don't mind the odd spirited blat but like i said - the 600 was amazing.


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  2. You will get tired of the 600,the k6 or k7s are not small bikes frame wise,the 2011 gsxr 750 seems smaller in comparison,the 600 is okay and will go anywhere,but in time a 750 might be tempting.
    A family member has one 750 (2011)and i have ridden it and i liked it,once power band kicks in it rockets past anything amazing fast.
    And the 750 won't be too much thou,it's nice and revy.
    That's coming from a Honda fan who likes those bikes.
    Go the 750,and take care.
  3. I have the 2011 600 and have been very happy with it.
    Gutless ? Pfffft you are just not riding it as it should be.
    I'm not sure about pre-2011 600's though as they are about 8kgs heavier and longer than mine.
    I guess you can be directed by your budget in these matters too.
    See if you can test ride both. Then you will know what's best for you.
    And don't get tunnel vision on one make of bike, try the R6, CBR600 etc etc.
    Most of all
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  4. Is the 750 too fast? Well that depends on how far and fast you twist the throttle.
  5. 600`s gutless??? Don't believe the bullshit you read on the net (except the stuff i post that is ;)).
  6. When did the gixxer 750's start coming with power band?
    The whole sales pitch of the 750 over the 600 is that the sevenfitty's torque is accessible from everywhere...
    They are both great bikes and you'll find none of them gutless, just find the best deal if either one is the bike you have to have.
  7. Go with what you feel more comfortable on, but I wouldn't worry about a 750 being "too fast". Sure it has more power, but that power is controlled by your wrist. It may seem like a big jump at first, but after a few weeks, you'll get used to it, so don't let the power be the determinate for your decision.

    I looked into full comprehensive insurance for both those bikes when I was shopping around before, and the 750 cost 50% more with my provider. I was pretty shocked to find that out.
  8. 600 is way cheaper second hand as the 750 has less competition. Decide if the premium is worth the extra speed that you cant use on the road anyway.
  9. Not sure why people say this about the 1000.
    It's easy, and nice to have pulling power though all the gears even on the street on my 1000.

    True, you can't pin it through all the gears on the street, but the point is you don't have to. I love the fact that I can pull away in 4th so easily.
    No regrets about my thou' at all. A joy to ride.
  10. Sometimes it's not purely about the cost. There's nothing wrong for people to pay extra for what they enjoy. Each to their own.
  11. Thanks for all the replies guys. I guess i should re-phrase and don't mean to say that 600 is "gutless". It blew my mind when i rode it. I didn't even notice the said lack of torque and i know I will have a blast on the 600.

    The reason why the 750 has come into the picture is because I keep reading about the 750's torque, that torque is king on the road..

    The only downside to the 750 vs 600 i can see now is the price and insurance...
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  12. no matter which one you get eventually you'll be craving for more power, i reckon go with the 750 but there is nothing wrong with the 600​
    the 600 is in the 250cc CTP insurance bracket & cheaper to fully ensure, they are practically the same bikes​
    i commute, did do track days & country rides on my 600 & never felt it was lacking, as long as you keep the revs up​

  13. Yep that is the only time that I feel my 636 is underpowered on the road.....when I am in the wrong gear. That is rider error, I find the challenge interesting.
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  14. I have an older 750. It's torquie enough for the road and I wouldn't really want anything more powerful. Next bike will probably be a 636 or 675. Don't believe the 'you'll get bored if it's <1000 croud.' Any 600+ plus is heaps of fun.
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  15. Hi Mogley

    I went from 250 to my 2009 GSXR 750 4 years ago and I still love it! You won’t be disappointed in either bike, they're both fantastic machines but as you've said, the 750 does have more torque which makes it a bit more forgiving. Just in terms of which gear you need to be in and it just pulls so well out of corners!

    The power isn't hard to handle, at the end of the day it's all about throttle control. Obviously if you're rough with her she'll be rough with you! But don't worry about it being too much thou-like.

    One thing I have found is that as my skills have improved and the mods have gone on the bike, its performance has improved and is still keeping me happy 4 years on. I'm not looking to upgrade to a thou just yet! Things like gearing, a full exhaust and a tune really wake these bikes up. The 750 definitely screams, so don't think you're losing that by not getting the 600 (The 750 is about 1000rpm shy of the 600's redline but who's counting rpm anyway? the extra 30-ish hp more than makes up for it)

    You mentioned you're not a track day junkie (yet) but after you do one you'll be hooked. I highly recommend doing something like the California Superbike School, it has improved my riding out of sight.

    Good luck with your purchase and I hope you enjoy whatever you get :)
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  16. I ride a L3 750 and love it.
    the "power band" bullit was talking about is probably the noticeable change at 7000rpm where it wants to take off. below that its very polite and easy to ride in traffic but still has enough so that your not searching through gears if you get caught out.

    sure a 600 will be fine if you keep it in the right gear. just like any vehicle.. 750 will just be easier and you can be lazier with your gears in traffic.

    either bike is going to feel amazing compared to a learner bike. If your happy with the 600 and want to save some money go for it. its going to be a step up from what you have and through the corners (where it counts) you wont be disappointed. i went the 750 as i didnt want to be upgrading any time soon. that and i test rode the 750 and never looked back!
  17. Which ever you get, California Superbike School is a must, other things you could do is upgrade to Helibars, they will make daily commuting a joy instead of a back breaking pain, get your suspension professionally set up, than later a sports exhaust, power commander & dyno tune, than track days, track days, track days!
  18. depends what you think is fast.
    even a 600 is too fast for the road.

    i have never come close to topping out the 600, never.
    you can be cruising a genuine 200kph and let the revs climb over 11,000 and the bike will still accelerate like it wants to wheely.

    the only time i have wanted more than my 600 is at the race track when i can not overtake a 1000 on the straights.
  19. 600s arent too slow they are just more work/concentration to keep the torque at acceptable levels for point a - b stuff.

    I dont think anyone gets bored of 600 top end. And 600 is *almost* too much for the track. But for day to day stuff a 750 is 1000x better in my experience.

    The fact that lots of makers are doing triples or "cheater" engines is pretty much confirmation that most of the market thinks the same.
  20. yeah 600's are not so good for day to day because the revs are so high.

    you won't get much power until after 10,000
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