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GSXR600 so cheap

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Riderman, May 13, 2010.

  1. Is this too good to be true? or is it just winter time??


  2. Sounds very good..with so few k's on her it sounds like it has only been ridden to have mods done to it..and the saturday coffee run!
  3. youd need to do a revs check to see if either its got money owing, or it was a repairable write off

    u from adelaide also, if so, adelaids version of revs
  4. You know the saying. If it sounds to good to be true it usually is. I would be cautious with this one.
  5. It's not THAT cheap. Jap 600s shed value pretty quickly. It was probably a runout model in 09 so he would have paid around 13k maybe less. The market in Adelaide is probably a bit softer than other capital cities too. You never get your money back on mods and the fender eliminator will lose you money because he's probably cut the number plate light cable so if you want it to be roadworthy you'd need to sort that out. And when you can get a brand spanker 08 zx6r for 10k drive away with 2yrs warranty 9k is probably the only way this guy will move this. Possibly also tracked - after all why else would you buy one? To drive it on the road at 60? Certainly worth a look though.
  6. do the checks (rev's) go and see it in the flesh, check rego papers to name on license (and picture on license) if you are concerned as well, if it all comes up good, and it's what you are looking for i don't see it as a problem, like anything if you spend the time checking it out carefully you generally don't get stung
  7. Maybe his wifes put him under the pump saying its me or the bike and he wants an asap sale.
  8. It sits a bit weird with my but then again it could be just a cashed up bogan with more money than brains.

    He said he'll sell it this week only for 9k and states 'regretful sale' which implys that hes desperate to sell (mortgage repayments etc)

    But then he states that he'll swap it for a VU SS Ute which range between 13-17 grand or a turbo falcon ute atleast as expensive as the SS.

    The best thing with these sorts of people is to call them and sus them out by throwing a bunch of questions at him. Literally ask "how come your selling it so cheaply?". There's probably a decent explanation like "the mrs wont get on the back of the bike" or "I need a ute for work asap" or "I got in a police chase at 300kph and want to get rid of it before the cops impound it"
  9. ^ +1

    Also says he will consider swapping for the hot car..then at the end says 'need cash urgently'
    Whats the go?
  10. He prolly tried to do an oil change and started the bike before putting the new oil in lol
  11. Been on there for a while, was $10K last time spotted. Not cheap enough to be suspicious, and it hasn't sold yet. The bike's an '08, we're halfway through 2010.
  12. You don't run the engine for a minute of 2 to pump the old oil out before putting the new stuff in?

    How else do you flush all the metal shavings out?
  13. LMAO you serious?
  14. Sounds like a good deal Riderman, but forget paying $9k. If you want the bike then flash $8k in notes in front of his nose and I guarantee he'll bite - maybe grumble and groan a bit, but he'll take it. .
  15. Maybe he is about to go start work on an offshore oil rig ?
  16. i saw a cbr600, 09 model, for 5k this morning.
  17. Hmmmmm, do you have the link?
  18. I know it's an old post but here's my 2 cents anyway... 520 pitch chain sounds like a race or track bike to me.
  19. .

    And? What do half of us do to our rides of a weekend? Exactly. We baby them to work through the week and then go looking for the twisties so we can fling redline up a few consecutive gears and crank the thing over until the tyres are evenly shagged.


    - boingk
  20. 520 is standard from memory.