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GSXR600 price?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Minko, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. New rider about to buy a GSXR600
    Have my eye on an 05 about 10K KM's with yoshi(sp) pipe immac condition, any ideas what would be a good price for this?
    Looked at the classified's but they are mostly dealer adds so may be a bit exxy compared to private sale...
    Im thinking 10-11K

  2. Given we are already into 2007 sales and the 600 market is very competative, I'd say that is a reasonable private budget.
  3. new rider + gsxr600 = eh?

    Go for an '06 if you can find one second hand in your budget, they are apparently significantly improvment over the '05.
  4. I've got an '06 that I could part with. :grin: How much do you want to spend? PM me if you like.
  5. new rider on a 600? LAMS?
  6. Not in NSW. They don't meat the power/weight.

    Maybe he's from Queensland or WA and gets in through a mature exemption or something.
  7. Im an elderly driver :p 21 so Q-ride

    I dont see a problem with a 600, have owned "high-performance" cars(yes i bike is a completely different thing) you dont have to ride/drive like an idiot.

    Whats significant changes where made 05/06? just dont want something new due to the fact ill probably put it down. After 02-06 model.
  8. The difference between cars and bikes in this sence is the switch like power delivery of bikes. And the difference between off and on is much, much greater.

    Cars you can doddle around in easily. You can do it on bikes, but it is harder.

    a 600 isn't too bad, but be warned that it's not the same as cruising down to the shops in a fully sick WRX.

    Half a wrong move and things will happen quicker than you realise.
  9. I wouldnt consider a rex a highperformance car, my mum drove one for a few years :LOL:
    Yep i understand it will be easier to loose it on a bike, i do have an un-registered 250 i have ridden the past few months in the local area but i would only consider myself 20% of a decent rider but i only ride 20% as hard as other riders too :p :moped:

    Anyway im thinking about getting an older one which will be a lot slower(think they do a 11sec quarter compared to 10?) much better if(when) i drop it too :eek:
  10. They're not that slow, the '04 600 will do just above 10.5 secs. The difference between a 05 and an 04 is like 0.02 secs. And this is probably just standard out of the factory, not your hotted up car.

    Still at least you're getting the 600 and not jumping straight to the litre bike. Good luck.
  11. Why do you think you're going to drop it? If you think it, then it will happen.

    If you allowed to ride a 600, go for it. The 600's are plenty quick enough, have the most amazing chassis, brakes and tyres and are better than anything you can imagine.

    Spend some money on an advanced road craft course, it'll save you money and pain later.

    The power delivery of most 600's is pretty benign until the late single figures and then builds and builds. Very hard to crash if you exercise some right hand throttle control, but great fun to ride.

    Think of a 600 as a low GI version of the 1000, still some zest, just takes a little longer to get the same hit.