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VIC GSXR600 - Mulgrave

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' at netrider.net.au started by Nolzey, May 9, 2014.

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    My much loved bike stolen from my drive way while I was home during the night.

    GSXR600 07. Black. Number plate IC3IK.

    As we know, many bikes have been stolen lately and somehow people are finding out where our bikes live and are coming prepared to take them. These people have proir information before coming to get your bike. I'd like to get in contact with pretty much every single person who has had their bike stolen in the Eastern suburbs over the past year.

    My bike didn't have insurance. I believe where I took my bike for a service had something to do with my details being leaked to who ever has stolen it. Bike was stolen 4 nights after service.

    I've been in contact with other people in my position and i'd like to speak with more to try and form some kind of nexis with the service dearlership

    I am aware there is an ongoing investigation into motorcycle dealerships who are passing on information to thieves. I want more information from the victims!!

    I'm not asking names or address, I simply want to know if anyone else has had a similar experience.

    This wont let me post my email address, please send me a PM through Net Rider.

    Cheers, Luke.
  2. this doesn't seem suss much :meh:
  3. First post - seeking people who have recently received shiny new bikes with their Comp insurance........
  4. Sorry it seems sus, looking at it that way it probably does. My bike didn't have insurance on it, i'm trying to do everything I can to get justice. I'm not asking for names and address, I want to know if these people have had their bikes serviced or anyhting to do with a bike shop before it got stolen...
  5. Hey guys, nothing suss here. I know Luke and your help would be appreciated.
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  6. Which service centres are we talking about here? Might be worthwhile letting people know who to avoid.
  7. Telling people to avoid a business based on a suspicion seems like a terrible idea to me....
  8. I agree, at this point in time I can't name them on public forum.

    Point of the post is to gather more information. Happy to speak with anyone through the PM if they want more info.
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