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NSW GSXR600 LAMS legal?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by hph, Jan 9, 2009.

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    Saw a gsxr600 or 750 with an L displayed this morning on my way to work. Have they moved it onto LAMS list now ?
    Cousin of mine will be very please as he will be doing the pre learners ina few weeks :)

  2. highly doubt it

    you saw someone sneaky :eek:
  3. Nope not sneaky, you saw a dumbass. Do these people really think the cops won't be able to tell that the bike isn't a LAMS bike :LOL:
  4. Well not a dumb ass.
    Firstly there is a fine for riding a bike not in the restricted list (no points and about $100)
    There is also a fine for not displaying L plates, which I believe carries points with a fine.

    So the guy is willing to take the hit for exceeding engine capacity ($ only) but will avoid not breeching displying L plates!
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  6. And doesn't mind having no insurance either for himself, his shiny ass bike or potential cars/people that are damaged/killed because he felt superior than everyone else; not having to wait their time because he must be special :roll:
  7. dumb ass

    Not sure about dumbass bit but he certainly is a fat ass. My daugther took a pic of him when he was in front of us at the lights :grin:
  8. Sure it wasn't a gsx650f? They're LAMS approved.
  9. they are absolutely LAMS legal. so long as a pillion is permanently affixed to get the power to weight rite. Araldite works well.

    btw even the GS500f looks a bit like a gsxr600
  10. I've seen one with a GSXR bodykit on it ^_^

    Not sure why he bothered, but they exist.

  11. It is actually 'unlicensed riding' or whatever the charge is and that is a criminal offence and will in all likelihood result in an uninsureable person for a number of years,

    Basically, if the person is caught they are mightily screwed as all and any penalty will flow to car licence and insurance for years to come.

  12. My understanding is that it's only LAMS legal if it appears on the LAMS listing. Irrespective if the motorcycle meets the critereon.
  13. read it again and think about it.








    there it is

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  14. before you start calling people idiots, careless, hoons. please do some research because suzuki had a plan to start selling LAM GSXR600 for a while now and since the plan was approved, a minority group decided to take advantage of the offer instead of having to buy a cheap secondhand LAM bike.
  15. They're selling learner approved GSX650Fs, and SV650s - but no mention of a restricted GSXR600.
    Hardly surprising, a GSXR would probably be damn near unrideable if the power was crippled enough to bring it under the power/weight limit.
  16. LAMS

    Dropped into the bike shop on parramatta at Haberfield this afternoon and found that they are about to be selling gsxr600s with restrictors which will make it LAMs approve. Apparently they are the only ones doing it on oz.
  17. Re: LAMS

    :roll: uhuh. Just like that thread where a PS salesman in Vic told a guy PS were the only official importers/shops for Sidi boots.

    If it's not on the LAMS list it's not LAMS, regardless of what fiddling they do to the ECU.
  18. At Mel bike show. Suzuki said, a LAMS Gsxr600 wasn't feasable. Due to a number of concerns with the ease of changing the restriciton.

    He also said any one who wanted to sell a gsxr600 as LAMS was nuts.
  19. Re: LAMS

    It's still got me baffled as to whether salesmen think they are achieving anything by saying things like this or they are just really stupid.