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Gsxr600 k9

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by POPEYE, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. well finally after nearly 2 years of riding & 7 years of wanting a big bike, my dream of owning one is a daily reality...a 09' gixxer600 is all mine to ride anytime i feel like. its been over 18 months of pouring over you tube videos & forums & now the time has finally come & passed...the motorcyclists rite of passage - being able to ride legally without those pesky L & P plates advertising your noobness for the world to see!!!

    so 5 weeks ago i step into what has to be coolest motorcycle dealership in sydney...fraser motorcycles at concorde just to have 'look' with my shiny new UNRESTRICTED MOTORCYLE LICENCE....a 'look' becomes a test ride on a blue & white 09 gixxer with 1750km! before i know it i put down on deposit on the thing & the adrenaline is still flowing...wow.

    so here i am 4weeks later & my 600 feels like a 250!!!hahahaha

    no that doesn't mean what you think it does...i am not flogging the thing & now it feels slow. You know how you buy a new pair of shoes & it takes awhile for them to feel comfy. It took me 6x months of solid riding to feel comfortably with my cbr250rr, now i feel the same way about the 600. It is a very easy bike to ride especially as it has fresh suspension that actually works & a steering damper, it really feels alot more secure than the 250. Anyway i waffling so i'll break it down like this:

    Power- 0-4000rpm the bike gasps for air, just like the cbr keep it between 4k -6k & it pulls as hard as the 250's top end..seriously. 6k - 10k rpm wow magic hold on tight but after 4 weeks of daily riding just like everything else you get used to it. 10k -14k rpm, omg it pulls hard but dont worry the front wheel will not lift, in the city this is license losing territory, do it on the open rd only. 14k to 16k rpm, dont bother the bike runs out of steam.

    in the city use 2/3/4 gear, you will rarely have issues with not enough power.
    It is amazing how quick you can get to 0-60kph, feels like a moment.. It is very easy to control the power on the bike, other than some slight wheel spin, the rear wheel has never done anything unexpected.

    Handling - this took alot of getting used to. The cbr 250 changes direction so easily. It is like a bicycle in comparison. At first i thought the 600 was a poor handling beast, but what i thought was slow handling was actually incredible stability. It has a longer wheel base than the 250 & weighs more which gives you an immense sense of confidence, flickability means you can change direction very quickly but can quickly turn in to instability & tank slappers as i found out twice on the 250. The 600 feels very planted in corners & with a bit more of a tug on the bars can flick from one side to another just as effectively as the 250. You feel more confident & i.e. you are faster with less effort & at first that feels slow, but than you relize smoother is faster

    brakes - i practiced alot of ebraking & stoppies on the 250, i am even measured the distance i could stop from 60 to 0. avg 13.5m, best stop was 12m. Not sure if i could stop in a shorter distance on the 600, but i feel much safer, eg on the 250 i felt very hesitant to practice high speed e braking 80km or faster, the front end bottomed out so easily & it would start to 'chatter' or bounce, this takes all the confident out of the rider. the 600, does feel heavier when ebraking, the front does dive, but the forks seem to have enough travel to soak up the bumps & the bike is less prone to doing a stoppie which means you will stop in a shorter distance. the heavier engine braking also helps you pull up abit easier than the 250.

    comfort - you sit in the cbr, on the 600 you sit on it. for me it was uncomfortable for the 1st three weeks, just like it was uncomfortable on the cbr for the first month, but really i just had to develop another set of back muscles!

    practicality - i commute 50km daily & this bike is not very practical in the sense that it has any storage or is a comfortable ride, but it makes up with its good looks, amazing induction noise / engine note, blistering performance when needed, suspension that soaks most of the bumps on our crappy roads & the big fat smile it puts on my face ever day i ride it....so isn't that what riding is about! sorry for the waffle, End Now, out of control super long review!!!