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GSXR600 K6 - Start Problem

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by gato, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    Does anyone know what would be the likely root cause to this problem?

    The GSXR had start issues yesterday... :-({|=

    While riding to the city I noticed the FI error was on. Normally I would just turn off the engine, wait, then turn on again, wait until the exhaust valve movement "bzzzzzz" noise is finished, then restart the engine. It always works. But yesterday the FI light persisted. I attempted this engine reset a number of times at the lights. I noticed that the cranking was weaker than usual. The last time I did it, it hardly cranked at all. But the engine fired and I could keep going. I got to the city, parked my bike. 15 minutes later, I returned and started the bike. Cranking was very short, very slow and weak. Engine didn't fire up. I turned off, checked the fuses, swapped the 10A ignition fuse with spare 10A. Started engine again, cranking even shorter and weaker. Tried this a few times. Eventually motor didn't crank at all. The dash board went crazy too. Normally when the bike is turned on, the rpm needle would swing and the exhaust valve would buzzzzz. But this time, needle was stationery and the fuel, neutral lights etc went disco blink blink. I checked the fuses again, swapped them. The dashboard still kept blinking. I could hear clicking noises as well, sounds like the indicator click but it's from the engine area. I checked the battery terminals - both ends had blue oxidation-like deposits over them. Is this normal or has the battery kakked it? I tried doing rolling start on Lonsdale St. If anyone saw a black GSXR being wheeled up the hill and rolled down outside Melbourne Central, that was me ](*,)

    Anyway, apologies for the long post. In the end I called my insurance's (eBike) 24hr roadside service. It's 20kms free or $100. Waited for 3 hours, but at least it was the city and not out in the hills. For $30 extra (after hours excess), we made it home.

    If anyone has any ideas, please share the love.
  2. I saw a guy wheeling his P-plate black Hyosung GT250 on the footpath along the PS stretch. He kept wheeling it up towards A'beckett St.

    If you're on here, I hope if the Hyo had broken down, you guys made it home OK.
  3. Hi Gato,

    Sounds battery, possibly alternator related. good luck with it.

  4. I'd agree. Time for a new battery, at the very least.
  5. Definitely battery eventually - all the repeated starting attempts and no recharge drained it.

    Not so sure about the root problem - the FI light coming on occasionally is not a good sign, and probably shouldn't be ignored.

    Try charging the battery and cleaning up the terminals, make sure you have a decent charge and that the voltage doesn't drop too far when you crank the starter. If it will start normally ride it around for a few minutes and see if the fault light comes back.
  6. Could be lots. Throttle position sensor dying usually brings on the F1 light as well. F6, had the valves done yet?
    Hope it's just your Battery.
  7. Dunno about the specific bike, but it definitely sounds like the battery is suspect. On my R1100, low battery voltage would trigger all sorts of spurious fault codes that would then go away once the battery had received a bit of charge from the alternator. The faults were getting more frequent and persistent as the battery deteriorated (8 year old factory original) and I'd have hads to shell out for a new one if a prat in a ute hadn't intervened.
  8. Anyone know how much a regulator rectifier costs for a GSXR600 K6? And where to get one from?
  9. Wreckers is the cheap option, but no guarantees that you won't get a fried one or close to going.

    Suzuki originals cost a bomb through a dealer.

    Aftermarket ones can be had for varying amounts - contact Stator Rewind Service in Gosford on (02) 4369 2313 or Small Coil Rewinds in Geelong on (03) 5278 8454. Both specialists at bike stators will be able to give you some advice.