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GSXR600 K4. Repaired Write-off. Should I buy it?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by parko, Jun 13, 2010.

  1. Hi All....

    Thinking of buying myself a particular pre-owned bike, but I have some concerns with regards to it's condition. I bought a Vehicle Info Pack from vic roads and it's come back as a "repaired write-off". Here's a copy of the VIP... any advice on how to translate this document? In particular, how to I decipher that little diagram with the numbers on it in "Part 3"?


    The bike is selling for $6500.

    Any help appreciated!


  2. The obvious first thing is you wont be able to comprehensively insure the bike.

    is this a deal breaker for your $6500 ?
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  4. What... really! How come? That is definitely an issue... :shock:
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  6. If you can't get a six year old 600 that hasn't been written off for $6500, the world is broken.

    Had no problem insuring my repaired write off R1100. That was a coupla years ago mind.

  7. Going by Patb's quote above, best to check with YOUR insurance company , but recently in melbourne with all the storm damage to cars & loads of repairable write offs, one of the things people came up against was that they could not get COMPREHENSIVE insurance on their "written off" vehicles if they took a payout .
  8. so the bike was written off in 2007, its been fixed and is now registerd again ye?

    does part 3 ever get cleared or stays with the bike forever?
  9. With so many bikes on the market, I wonder if it's worth the risk....
    And at if that's the money you have to spend, you'll have plenty to choose from.

    Take your time and shop around.. IMO
  10. I notice the actual comment says "heavy panel damage". I'd assume that if damage were more than this would say so, but does anyone know for sure.

    If the only thing damaged were panels and they are now OK I wouldn't be concerned if all else was good.

    On the other hand, the comments have already raised concerns for you and if and when you are trying to sell in the future, may raise similar concerns in buyers.
  11. It's attached to the bike for good.

    I reckon that you could easily find a good 600 supersport within the budget of $6500 that hasn't been crashed. You will have trouble insuring that gixxer and the premium would most likely be through the roof.
  12. I wouldnt buy this partiular one that is way to much for a repairable write off

    shop around a bit more, im certain you could get a better deal
  13. Apparently a seller needs to let a buyer know that a bike is on the written-off vehicles register. Is this true? The seller (in this case) never mentioned it to me when we were "negotiating" the RWC. I had to go and discover this info for myself.
  14. The seller should advice you about the status, though I am not sure about the legality of the matter.
    Thankfully though you where smart enough to have it checked.

    Based on him not disclosing it, I would look for something else. You also need to take into account how much issues you will have when you try to sell it later on. That repairable write-off status puts people on edge straight away.

    If you are still keen on the bike though, ask for the certificate of complete loss. This is provided by insurer when they write off a vehicle, sometimes they will state the nature of the damage, though not all insurers provide this. Being a faired bike there is a that it could have simply been panel / cosmetic damage that wasn't feasible to repair within cost. (Side note: that makes a very good way to pick up close to brand new bikes when they have a new for old replacement)

    If there was more damage then just plastics then you should be asking for receipts for the work done to fix. Actually I would be asking for that anyway and if you do buy it then make sure YOU take a copy for future reference.

    Oh and tell him his dreaming at 6500.
  15. Well thanks all for you comments...

    I rang the seller this morning and told him I was losing confidence in the deal as the bike was on the "written off vehicles register".

    He then proceeded to tell me that he knew the bike was on the WOVR, and asked if I wanted to know why! I said I did not, and regardless of which, my confidence in the deal was now totally gone since he had now admitted to knowing the bike was on the WOVR and didn't tell me!

    I told him that "Regulation 90 of the Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations 2009" required him to inform me that the vehicle was on the WOVR and he then claimed that the regulation was only applicable to cars!

    That was pretty much the end of the conversation...

    Oh well.... keep on looking!
  16. What a douchebag!

    Never buy a WOV unless you've got the cash to look after her or you know history / trust seller / right price / etc etc etc etc etc

    I'd report him if it is the law re: informing of WOV
  17. I think you made the right choice mate.
    As I mentioned before, if you do buy a WOV mechanical receipts are very important for the work done. Mind you they can make good track bikes :p
  18. The law is changing I think in August where people can no longer re-sell write offs. Recently completing the buying process myself, I was surprised at the number that were on the market.

    IMO - Beware I say and unless you can see prior photo's of the damage - don't go near it. If the chassis needed work, don't touch it. These guys normally buy and sell enough times to also know what and how to say it - take it with a grain of salt and just believe physical evidence. In your case, his true colours came out - on the flip side he is prob just frustrated with this perception - esp now the law is changing he prob has the sh1ts bad.

    Doesn't mean you have to pull him out of it. There are bargains out there to be found. Always will be. As are the rip offs.

    Regards, Nick
  19. offer him 2 grand and use it as a track bike
  20. This is NSW only, and only applies to re-registration afaik.

    It is a joke.

    Insurance Companies write bikes off for scratched fairings as they cost so much. anything major normally means a stat writeoff

    Having said that, overpriced, selling them is a pain, and the seller sounds like a knob.