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gsxr600 08 Suzuki Accessories

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Groges, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I am about to purchase an 08 gsxr600, i have noticed the accessories offered in the us are far greater and cooler than the ones on the australian suzuki website. Does anybody know if you can get all the american gear here?

    In particular the crash nobs and all the gsxr branded carbo fibre gear.

    I test rode both a street triple and a gsxr today, both great bikes but the gixxer for 14000 ride away is to good to pass up!!

  2. Hey mate

    Just out of curiosity, where did you test ride the bikes?

    I test rode a GSXR-750 and Street triple at Procycles in Hornsby on Friday. Spent about 30 mins on each. Went down the highway to Newcastle and came back on a twistie road. Great fun.

    So much torque on the street triple but not much fun in the wind.

    I was surprised how easy the gixer was. Very easy to ride and plenty of grunt. Both really had more than enough. Would look down at the speedo and see 140km pop up every now and again. OOOPSSS!!!


  3. Hey James,

    I test rode them in adelaide for 30 mins each, didnt have enough time to get out onto open road. I actually had a deposit down for the street triple, with plastic it was going to cost me 15000. The bike was incredible to ride and at one stage the front wheel lifted up, just a little :eek: The gsxr600 in its revision year has hit all the right notes, great new body work, more midrange, included seat cowl, in all the 600 sportbike shootouts it finishes a very close second to the honda. The gixxers power is incredible, and sooo smooth. Down Low easy traffic riding, get up the revs and she gets Angry!! The fact it was 14000 ride away, better spec brakes and suspension than the triple made it an easy choice. I would like to own both though. On a side note though i could have had the gsxr1000 for 15000, its 2 years old without change and in the shootout reviews it does very poorly compared to the other litre bikes. They also had cbr1000rr 07 for 14000 +orc, the seat height was just a little to high for my daily commuting, as well as the fact that a 1000 sports is overkill for me at this stage. The 08 cbr1000rr looks the goods, maybe sometime down the track :)

  4. Hey mate

    I had an hour on the street triple yesterday and another hour on it today along with an hour on the gsxr 750.

    It was a hard choice, particularly considering the dealer managed to get me a street triple in black within a day. I understand there is usually a four month wait or something......

    In the end I went with a brand new black gixxer. It was just better at everything. Sure the triumph has more low down torque but fcuk me, you will never be wanting for power on the gixxer unless you take her to the track and even then it is debatable.

    the triumph felt like a mountain bike in comparison. Plus at speed I kept thinking I was going to get blown off her.

    I come from a VTR 250 and I think most people who move on from this bike buy the triple. It feels so similar just with about 10 times the power. However I think people need to experiment and try other bikes. I had my heart set on the triple for about a year now but in the end the gixxer was just too good a bike.

    ps I am not sure where you saw the gixxer 1000 get thrashed by other bikes. It won bike of the year last year in two wheels.