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GSXR400 Trackbike project

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by minoz, Aug 19, 2006.

  1. Hi All,
    I've started the fun task of overhauling a little bike for the Mrs to have fun on at the track.
    It's a 1984 GSXR400 that we picked up for $600 as an unstarted project.
    (too bodgy and rough to be called an unfinished project)
    Apart from some butchery on the rear subframe it's basically complete and sound except for any panels.
    Somebody has tried fitting an R1 ducktail to it with no success and I plan to replace that with something a bit more suitable.
    Even though they have put a wider GSXR 750 rear wheel with a mighty 140 rear tyre, the R1 tail looks silly on such a small arsed bike.

    I've started pulling it all down starting with the front end. Brakes, forks, rubber, bearings all to be stripped, checked and replaced if needed.

    Will keep you posted on this epic task. The plan is to make a fun fast and safe bike without spending a fortune.

    It's funny, I just sold an old Zook on ebay for 600 as well and said I'd never do up another one.....oh well, she cooks and cleans for me so she deserves a track toy. Might stop her nicking the other bikes if Im lucky.
  2. Good luck with your project. Looks like you have a bit of work ahead of you but keep us updated on your progress. I am sure you will find plenty of handy and not so handy tips on here.. :grin:
  3. Wish I had the talent/skills/knowledge to know the mechanical infrastructure of bikes. Keen to seeing what she looks like when it's finished.
  4. think i saw that on tradingpost or something a while ago. good luck with it it'll be an awesome feeling once its done. oyu have to ride it forst though since its all your work! :)
  5. Thanks for the encouragement, it's a worthy cause and gives me something new to build. It's not easy getting parts for it although the internet is your friend in this regard and I'm onto a few bits like a spare engine and possibly even another complete bike.

    I've started tearing down the front end and had a lovely afternoon stripping and cleaning out the front brake calipers.
    Totally gummed up and basically useless, they came off and I found out that getting 4 pistons out of each caliper is a big pain in the arse when they are this badly stuck.

    Compressed air didnt help, it just ended up popping out one piston which then jammed up the caliper. No air pressure after you pop one piston out either so bugger that idea.
    The pistons that shot out sure did with some force, I was careful not to lose a finger here.

    I ended up just splitting the calipers and pulling out the pistons which, thankfully are serviceable after I clean them up a bit.

    The calipers will end up getting painted in some colour once I've rebuilt them with all new seals.

    Since it's a trackbike that I'm putting my beloved on, the brakes and suspension will be as sharp as possible. This means lots of extra work and $$ but you really have no other choice. If I get it right and manage to find some good tyres, then I'll end up with a wickedly good handling bike.

    The brake overhaul if I can get the parts will be about $300 including the front and rear master cylinders. Plus lots of my time. Add a set of EBC HH pads plus some braided lines and you see how it all starts adding up.

    I've disconnected the anti dive brake thingy which was common on 80's bikes and will just run with direct lines to each caliper. Bloody things give you a constant sponginess in the feel of your brakes.

    Which leads me to wonder how the hell I'm supposed to bleed 2 nipples per caliper?
    Might leave that to a bike shop yet...

    I need a coffee, more later.
  6. My dad has an '85 gsxr 400 that he is trying to get back on the road at the moment. He is having some trouble finding a manual for it though, have you stumbled accross one in your travels? Or could you sugest a place to start looking for one? Haynes have got it listed as being under consideration.

    Anyway, your project sounds awesome. Good luck with it all.
  7. Manuals are rare as. You can buy them on the net or on ebay but they are usually in Japanese. Best source of info is specialist sites like gsxr400.com.
  8. I've spent the best part of today pulling down the front end.
    Steering head bearings are not great but will do for a short while, I packed them full of grease and adjusted them up so we should be ok. Change them later.
    Wheel bearings seem ok so I'll repack them and give the whole wheel a clean up while I try and find a decent set of tyres in the lovely size of 100-90/16 and a 140/18 on the rear.

    Sure, I could go for 17's and then tyre choice is better but that will cost too much and this is meant to be a bargain basement racer with the money spent wisely. So far I'm up to $1000 and have yet to get tyres, chain/sprox, panels,suspension, cosmetics, and a million other things a bike in this state needs.

    Today I received a package of brake seals so I will have a fun time assembling the calipers and master cylinders which took a long time to clean out.

    The forks are out and show evidence of a past accident straightening repair. Still seem ok, the seals dont leak and no major pitting on the sliders.
    I'll get the shop to fill them with new heavier oil and put them back. Springs are fine.
    I've left the anti dive on the forks as it can get a bit nasty if you dont. Blocked the brake fluid hole off so I can have normal brakes.

    The radiator has had a small hit and the damaged area looks like it could leak but a radiaotor guy pressure tested it and it was ok. Fixing it would only cause problems as it was a big dent in the hardest metal part of the radiator.
    Dont touch it he said, so I won't.

    Gotta go, wife's making stroganoff...
  9. Hi, I think your project sounds great. Are there many GSXR400 s around? I was just thinking the other day I'd like to whack a gt500 suzuki 2 stroke motor in one of those frames. Might have less go than the 400 perhaps. How many horses do they put out?
    You should be able to get a manual from a Suzuki shop. Worst comes to worst I could probably photocopy one for you. The one I have is for 1982 model and it's in English. Don't have a parts book though.