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GSXR250RR rings

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by camshere, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Just wondering if anyone can give me some idea of which pistons and rings etc are suitable for a GSXR-250RR. Mine has low compression when cold, making it hard to start, but everyone i take the bike to is really not interested in grey-import bikes and has no idea what will fit.

    Does anyone know for sure if Across or general GSX/F rings will fit, and if so any suppliers in Perth or anywhere else that stock them or at least have them on range?

    Any help would be appreciated as GSXR250 info seems pretty limited on the net.


    Perth WA
  2. Does the engine have a model code on it anywhere? Don't know what engine is in the GSXR250RR but do know that the Across uses the same GJ75A motor as the earlier GS250FWS. The Bandit however has a different engine (GJ74/77A) derived from the earlier pre '89 model GSXR250 (with the GJ73A engine). If you can find the engine code number you might have more success searching for info on that rather than the bike name - I'd be guessing it may have more in common with the Bandit than the Across.
  3. Are you sure the rings are stuffed? If they are, you'll have a visible trail of blue smoke following you everywhere.

    I think Sumoto in Vic carry spares for all the grey imports they sell, try them.
  4. Thanks guys,

    There's not much smoke - not that i've noticed anyway - its just been re-shimmed and that bought the compression up to 100psi accross the board, butif you put some oil in the bores it bumps up to 150psi - that to me would suggest rings, although i'm not sure if 100psi on a dead cold motor is bad or not - i guess i'll just have to try and start it a few times cold and then run it up warm and see what the compression is like.

    I'm picking it up from the workshop Sat and i'll see how it runs then - it always ran well once hot and i don't remember a lot of smoke - so it may be normal, i've heard GSXR250RRs are hard to start cold at the best of times. If it still doesn't run i guess i'll order some rings from Sumoto - although they sold me the bike with low compression, so i'd prefer them to not make money off me trying to get it fixed. I should have asked for a compression test when i first took possesion - live and learn i guess
  5. Well for the Bandit the compression pressure should be between 164psi and 192psi, so it does seem low. Although I'm not sure if the GSXR has the same compression ratio as the Bandit given that it's an earlier generation engine (Bandit runs 12.5:1).
  6. is the suzuki websites like the kawasaki ones where they have parts diagrams for all models available? as this would allow you to do some cross referencing with good results hopefully.
  7. Mate on a bike like that if you need something as serious as piston rings done, just bail on it. Sell it off to some other sucker and get yourself a newer bike that doesn't need major surgery.
  8. You can get low compression from poor seating of valves.

    The fact that you got a rise in compression from doing the valve shims, would suggest they were wrong.

    The result is you probably burnt a valve seat.

    The result is twofold. firstly a new set of rings may fail to solve the problem.

    but the upside is you may be able to just relap the valves and solve a lot of the problem. If you feel handy, you may be able to do a reasonable job on this yourself.
  9. Mate, Id be checking the valve clearance before buying new pistons. Trouble starting is usually a valve clearance or timing problem. Worth a check before you spend da $$.
  10. Check out the valves first but if it really needs a top end rebuild, you may be better off getting a set of GSXR400 barrells and pistons and going big bore!

    Parts for a gsxr250 are not easy to find but the 400's are a bit more common here. (still rare tho)
  11. Sounds like top and bottom end rebuild time - if the engine is at a compression ratio of 6.8:1, and blows no smoke, and you bike was not made in the twenties, then youve got valve leak/leaking head gasket (but water should be filling the cylinder at that stage :p)

    If compression goes up to 9.5-10:1 when you put oil in, it will help seal the rings, but you should be seeing blue smoke, still. (off chance you put enough oil in to splash into the valves, not likely tohugh :p)

    And piling it off to some sucker is a prick of a thing to do - remember, they now know where you live :)

    Keep in mind sumoto prides itself in offloading lemons to unwitting learners. ("what colour do you want it in?")