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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by N2O, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. Okay.
    since my last bike got written off and i'm getting 2,500 for the whole shooting match, i'm hoping to jump on a new 250.
    Now I like the 3 of these bikes, but the CBR is a little too overpopulated, I don't want to be just another rider on one of them.

    I like the sportbike feel, and the look.

    Does anyone know anything about the FZR and the GSXR? Sumoto wants $7000 for the gsxr but it seems a little pricey.
    Any thoughts?
  2. Screwmoto?

    Why would you even step foot in there after reading all of the reviews that they have received here?
  3. sumoto are evil. do a search. no such thing as a gsxr250rr, sumoto probably created the name because for some reason the letter rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr attracts buyers.

    paying over 5k for an ancient 250 is a crime don't do it.
  4. To sit (and fart) on all their bikes and decide which one to look up in the tradingpost of course :LOL:

    Also you forgot ZXR (or ZX2R) off that list, more common then GSXR and FZR.
  5. you can get a brand new 06 hyo gt250r for 7k dont go to sumoto, their bikes are have just had new decals slapped on them to look good mechanically they are buggered
  6. FZR250's are great little bikes, just be aware that high km's usually mean they have carby troubles as the needles and emulsion tubes are a little softer than others. That said, any high km's 250cc bike is going to have 'an' issue or two.

    Jump on over to the FZR250 Forums if you want some more info. I'm an admin over there. :grin:
  7. i know a bit about the FZR - went through my restrictions on one without any problems. You should be able to get a second hand one privately for under 4 grand (get a 3ln with the deltabox frame if you can) - they're a great bike although can suffer from neglect like all 250's owned by broke students. A common problem is badly set-up carbies which result in stalling at idle and difficulty starting - although of course this can be fixed. Take a test ride and check for this sort of thing.
    People will say don't get a grey import but there's quite a few of them around now and I never had problems getting it serviced or finding parts.
    Don't know much about the zxr or cbr except they were outside my budget!
  8. Stay away from sumoto, they define the term "a bloody rip off"

    If you must go after a faired 250, I would go the zx2r or the FZR. The GSXR250's are pretty rare and as a results damn expensive.

    Just remember its a 250, you don't wanna go spending big bucks on it that could go towards a sweet 600cc or bigger.
  9. I don't know if i'll be moving to a 600 any time soon, because I just wrote off my vt250f, and i just want to get my insurance rating up.
    Just for shits and giggles i checked the RACV net-quotes thing and for me to insure a gsxr600 when i come off my p's will cost $7,400AUD/year for an agreed value of $10,000
  10. True their bikes have had new paintjobs and decals to look good and that's what attracts the majority of Noobs that walk through their doors, but I disagree that all of their bikes are buggered mechanically!!

    I know of about 6 bikes to come out of their, and mine is one of them... All of them (except 1) has been checked mechanically (from well regarded mechanics - not from Sumoto) since taking ownership and only one of them was a lemmon (thank F#%^ that wasn't mine!!).

    If I had of been on Netrider before purchasing my bike, I definitely wouldn't have bought from Sumoto purely from reading all of the bad reviews and would've saved myself some $$$...
  11. Overpopulated????

    Hmmmm, I think I would spend my hard earned cash on something that was overpopulated with parts easy to find and resale value too boot!!!

    Perhaps they are over opoulated for a very good reason - cause they probably one of the best 250 sports bike on the market.

    Maybe im being biased??? Perhaps u should by the 20yr old suzuki from sumoto - remember u have around 10weeks to wait and save for the $7 to $8 required.

    Good luck
  12. The more Capital 'R's in the bikes name, the faster, and therefore better it is. Good luck with your hunt!
  13. what your $$$ buys you in Sumoto is a nice paint job. That's about it.
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  15. RDRR!
  16. Well i went to Nova Honda in ringwood the other day and he seems to think I was too big for the CBR250RR.
    I'm 100kgs and 6ft 1
    The FZR is good methinks. I'm going to sort of search for around $4,000 - $4750

    Also, could someone explain to me what the R's mean?

    I quite like the look of the FZR250 with no R's :p