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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ibast, May 6, 2005.

  1. Hi all,

    Bit of advice time. Has anyone here had much experience with the air/oil coolled models (89 in particular)?

    Iv'e been offered one with 48K on it.

    At what stage is what needed?

    eg. rear shock at 1500
    cam chain at 50000
    total rebuild at 80000

    Is there any know problems?

    e.g. second gear fails


  2. i just bought one with 76000 on it that dont look like its been maintained all that well and its still pretty damn sweet. suspension feels great, motor is strong as an ox and has a VERY smooth power. the front brakes on mine are a bit weak, but i put it down to a dodgy lever and a desperate need of a bleeding.

    only had it a coupla weeks and it hasn't been ridden much, but i've heard nothing but good things about the older models. what year is it, what sort of condition has it been kept in and how much is it gunna cost you?

    they still use essentially the same motor & box in the 1200 bandits so it cant be too bad eh, the first ones came out in 86 so thats near 20 years now :D

    oh, and they pull a wheelie easy as. i let my neighbor have a whirl and he popped it right up just by rolling on the throttle :twisted:
  3. hangon, i know a couple of places where the gurus hang out. try www.streetfighters.com.au theres a BUNCH of ppls there that are right into their old gixxers and www.gixxer.com should have a few gurus aswell, tho i havn't really looked around there much :D
  4. Thanks,

    Yeah its 89 model. I havn't seen it yet, so I don't wan't get my hopes up.
  5. They have a reputation for being very solid motors.
  6. Hmm I have heard nothing bad about these bikes... bit long in the wheelbase for me... but a guy up the road has fited one with a VFR750 mono swing arm and that shortened it to just right for me... Good bikes

    ps. my old neighbour had one since new... 110,000km changed oil and oil filter every 5000km the engine was like new... she got herself a Bandit 1200... and moved back to Perth :(
  7. Thanks all,

    I ended up buying it. Only cost me $2000. It needs a bit of work, but I like to play with my bikes.

    Needs an electrical tidy up , because someone was playing silly buggers. The previous owner thinks there is something wrong with the fuel tap. After that its all cosmetic.

    Rego then have some fun.

    I can't wait to get home and start playing. I've been without a bike for 3 months now

    Thanks again
  8. aha :D good stuff. i got mine for $1k from a car dealer that just wanted it gone. mine has an issue with the indicators, front brakes and a fork seal, but is otherwise pretty much right for a roadie as far as i can tell. the matt black supercheap auto paint is shocking, but it'll get a respray in nice gloss black and then it'll look sweet AS :D

    they're a real beast to ride, but i think thats half the fun. i toyed around with the idea of modifying it too, but i dont think i could butcher something as totally cool as the 86 1100.....

    but if anyone is interested, i know a bloke that has an old 750 oil boiler frame thats modified with an 02 750 tail and forks. apparently an 1100 motor will slip straight in there too. like i said, i toyed with the idea, but i wanna leave mine looking/feeling good and retro....
  9. OK. Update time.

    I got the bike home and stripped it of body panels, carbies, spark plugs.

    I dicovered quite a few bodgy home mechanic things. Then again it is going on 16 years old.

    The worst of these was some dodgy carbie work, including gasket goo in the top of the garbies therbye weekening the diaphragms and putting a hole in one, and believe it or not, one odd needle.

    The other thing I found was an extra sprket plug washer schrunched up under a spark plug! It must have been running on 2 1/2 cyclinders.

    The biggest fear was the engine was a bit smokey. I couldn't find an adaptor to fit my compression gauge to the spark plug hole, so I decided to wait untill I got the carbies right before making a jusdgement, as I suspected it was running really ritch.

    So now I have fixed the wiring, put in new diaphragms, needle and jets in the carbies. I've given it a good clean up and put the caries back on. New spark plugs.

    It started pretty much straight away and I took it for a spin around the block, less fairing. F09K! Maybe I should dial a bit more slack into the throttle cable. It was basically clutch out, a little bit of throttle 80kph!

    I'm pretty impressed with the power delivery. It seemed very linear and I havn't even balanced the carbies and I was just guessing the needle height along with the jets.

    It was a bit smokey, but I backed the idle mixture off a quarter of a turn and the smoke dissapeared. Phew!

    So now it's just balance the carbies, put the body panels back on and get a blue slip, rego etc. I'll have to igive the blue slip guy a ring and check to see if he'll pass it with the crack in the lower fairing.

    Then I can start fiddling with things etc.
  10. bonza :D ripper of a bike eh

    while i much preffered my thundercat for handling, braking and comfort, but the power delivery on the old 1100 is awesome. and i spose the handling/weight distribution isn't without its charms either, it reminds you that you have to be in control of the beast, cos it goddamn well aint going anywhere unless you REALLY want it to :LOL:

    but yeah, the 1100 just doesn't seem to put any effort in eh, a lazy twist of the wrist in first and your flung past 100 and it just feels like it hasn't had to try to get there. i like this cos it makes me confident that the thing hasn't been thrashed. if it had been, then it would have been scrapmetal by now in the hands of all but the best riders :LOL:

    i was about to tell you about a couple of things i saw on e-bay real cheap, but you've fixed it up already :? there was a couple of jet kits that went for $150ish (for the 2 kits) and a set of carbs that i dont think even went that had $50 tag on them :shock: keep an eye on ebay if you want something and your not in a huge hurry, it'll pay off :D
  11. Yeah, I've got all sorts of plans and ideas, but I think I'll just get used to riding it first and see what need attention. It turns in pretty fast from what I can tell from my first ride.

    this is why I'm reluctant to repair the cracked fairng just yet, as I may wan't to do something unusual. Even if it is just paint.

    It looks like the folks have been lowered in the triple clamps and the shock is off a later model which is good as this year had a poor rep.

    The pipe is pretty open and I put a Uni-filter on it, so I guess it's putting out a bit more power the standard. It's like the throttle is connected to the rear wheel!