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Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by Nickers330, May 30, 2010.

  1. Just recently purchased my 2nd ride, a K5 Gixer Thou.

    Mostly stock, apart from dark smoke tinted DB screen, and a carbon fibre tank pad.
    Just over 14,000km on ODO, in great condition, and apparently Troy Corser's former ride :)

    The Gixer will be registered/insured for 1yr on the roads (touring, everyday rides etc), and then eventually transformed into a track bike..so the plan goes.

    Items to be installed (currently on order) in the coming week/s :

    * Yoshi Carbon Fibre TRC Slip-On
    * Pazzo 'Shorty' Race Levers
    * Oggy Knobs
    * Blue wheel rim strips

    More pics to come, but here's the only pic I have of the new beast - For those with a keen eye, you'll notice the mirrors are not stock, as previous owner replaced with standard equivalents - the standard mirror/indicator arrangement seen on Gixers K5 onwards are now re-installed...

  2. nice ride. Is that why you quit your job in hong kong? :p
  3. You're onto it mate ;)
    Best part though, I didn't quit - just got transferred, doing same job..so it's as good as it gets ;)
  4. Congrats - that's a fine looking bike!!
  5. Thanks mate.
  6. Why not go straight for a full system? I hear the Akro ones are awesome! ;) If you're turning it into a trackie anyway... Either way be good to get rid of that abomination hanging off the back.

    Looks like a nice ride. Now you have two uber-bikes. Bastard.
  7. Was thinking of a full system, but might settle with a slip-on for a while...gotta stop spending money ! lol The slip-on was purchased at a very affordable price from USA. With bikes, I find the spending never ends - there's always something else that would look/sound good, or makes sense, practically.
    Totally agree about the stock pipe - though it does sounds awesome - previous owner had baffle removed..ooooh yeah !
  8. Ide leave it then...
  9. Bax,
    The Yoshi sounds awesome also...AND looks heaps better than the stock pipe, hence my decision to replace. Cheers.
  10. Bloody hell mate, one shoulder popping bike not enough for you? Haha.

    Choice, bro.
  11. Nice mate! Enjoy it!
  12. Okay folks, some more pics - taken on completion of my first ride :




    As mentioned in the opening post, I will be adding some additions to this bike - minor cosmetic changes, namely a Yoshi Carbon TRC Slip-on, Pazzo Levers (Black/Blue tabs), Oggy Knobs (Black), Blue Tube Rego holder, Blue Wheel rim strips.

    As most would know, I've been riding my current bike, 2008 R1 (profile pic) for 1 year..and loving it. The R1 has loads of power, and after taking a tooth off a while ago, delivers even more punch on the get-go. I absolutely love my R1....

    However, yesterday 2nd June, I took the new baby, Gixxer 1000 K5 for a spin and f&%# me ! This is one VERY punchy bike. I now totally respect and understand how the K5 was voted perhaps the best Gixxer produced, in terms of power to weight ratio.

    For those who have ridden/currently ride a Gixxer you would appreciate my description of sitting 'into' the bike, rather than 'on', which is the way the R1 feels, in comparison. The Gixxer's dimensions are smaller/tighter than the R1 but is a very deceivingly fast bike.
    Twisting the throttle on the R1 gives power, loads of it..but in a refined, behaved way - what you put in, you take out. In comparison, the Gixxer feels like a schoolboy on detention, just WAITING to be released from class : Twisting the throttle gives you instantaneous power, MORE than ones asks for. It's a guaranteed track weapon and will definitely be seeing this baby on the track sometime.

    All in all, although my 2 rides are in the supersport category, they ride slightly differently, with the R1 feeling taller (taller seat height) and larger in size. The Gixxer has a lower seat height and allows you to sit 'into' it. Both bikes are very fast and punchy..though the Gixxer has more instant pull in the lower revs, so it would seem.

    For anyone wishing to own 2 bikes in the future, you can't go wrong with the R1-Gixxer Thou combination. Both beautiful bikes, providing the rider with complete confidence and endless thrills.

    More pics to come once mods, as described above, are fitted.